I feel I need to take a moment to talk about me and reviews and reading.


I only started this site and reviewing because I am not writing anymore. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about other authors books, realistically in an actual honest way while being an active author. I don’t judge others for doing so but it didn’t feel right for me. I have lessened this over the last year, however that’s because the idea of stopping writing has been coming for a long time now.

  • I rate on a 1—5 star rating because of goodreads and well everywhere really.

  • I only do reviews for books I’ve read around or over 200 pages, unless I’ve asked for an ARC. This comes from me reading over 20 books a month and the fact that I started showing and talking about books on Instagram and that just became too much (I’m trying to do a ‘currently reading’ post in my stories over there if you’re interested).

  • I don’t star rate DNF’s I don’t think that’s far unless I’m DNFing it for a reason other than boredom like someone writing a MF changing the pronouns and calling what use to be a female a ‘sassy gay man’, that shit gets 1 star, or plagiarism and all those bad things. But if I actually don’t like it, even for some real stupid reason (like saying a tiger can’t climb a fucking tree) I won’t rate it.

  • I read mostly MM romance in all genres, YA urban fantasy/fantasy/sci-fi, adult fantasy, middle grade urban fantasy/fantasy/sci-fic sometimes.

  • I will review backlist series in batches. This will make some reviews hella long but if there are already more than 1 book out I don’t see the point in multiple reviews for the one series. This won’t be true if I don’t want to continue on in a series. So heads up on that.

  • I will try and make my reviews relevant. This means if I read book 1 and the next book  comes out sometimes in the coming months I will either wait and bulk review the books or I’ll post the review of the book I read when the next one comes out.

  • I will to be honest and yet remember these are MY opinions because I won’t constantly remember to remind you. Mind you even my barely given five-star ratings will have reasons why they aren’t perfect, if they aren’t.

  • I doubt I’ll review books until a 3 star rating but that’s more because what’s to say. 3 stars isn’t a bad rating.

Okay, let’s go star ratings, though I’m not sure they’ll be helpful.

  1. Hate it. this will only be used when I fucking hate a book, it’s not something I’ve used before, if you look into my GR backlist reading you’ll see I only give 3+ stars because I was an author. This one is very much an opinion rating.

  2. It’s not a good book. This rating will be used when the story isn’t good, both in writing/editing/structure, but it also didn’t either have a point or didn’t achieve what it was trying to.

  3. Was fine. This is one of my fav ratings, this one is for books that were fine. It’s will be a rating I use when I didn’t have any real feelings for the story but it was written/editing/structured in a way that was readable, and that it achieved what it was trying to. Also, this is not a bad rating at all.

  4. Liked it. this is another fav rating. This is when I really enjoyed the story and yet I’m still able to hold back full feelings. This is when the story is real good. I was hooked and needed to continue however it didn’t hit me in the feels.

  5. Loved it. this is another one that’s all about my feelings. The few books I give these books are because I had real strong feelings in the better towards the story. I tend to push book up to this point when I reread a book rather than when first reading it.

I also rate in .5’s this is where it sits between the ratings. I’m not sure if I can explain it, but it’s like, if it’s an interesting book but I have no care about anyone in the book by the end I might rate it 3.5 stars. If it’s a book I have real feelings for, aka, love the characters, the romance but outside of that bored me, or if the structure/editing/writing is bad but the feels where real then it would get a 4.5 stars.


Hope this helps.

I will not use the “Gay-For-You” label, which I despise because it’s bisexual eraser and therefore will not use it. I will call it questioning as well as bisexual if that’s what they label themselves, some don’t as they will always be straight while loving a man (which kinda makes me cringe, but if that’s what the characters identifies themselves who am I do say otherwise).