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Writing Update (1)

It’s actually been a really busy and stress filled week here in my RL, and so instead of talking about something I need to give some thought to I thought I’d do a rundown on what I am writing and even what I have planned. I’m not going to worry to much about spoilers, because they aren’t going to be any, but it’s going to be a while until you actually get your hands on these books, we’ll all forget what they are about anyway.

Let’s start with the easiest


I’m nearly finished the first book in my first series. It’s a MM Paranormal Romance Omegaverse series [no mpreg], low angst.

The Wolf’s Omega Raven (Wolves & Ravens, 1) : 35K / cis males

I said I’d talk about what this book is about, but honestly, it’s pretty simplistic, Wolf Alpha goes to a local club that’s run owned by the ravens, he spots his mate, they bang, HEA. That’s the point on this series, it’s pure escapism: short, simple romance.

I have 3 other books in the series ready to write, at least the idea of them I haven’t really gotten any further than a simple plot and characters because I don’t really need to, it’ll literally go where it’s meant to because there isn’t all that much places it can go. At the end of the four books I’ll either just continue on, or I’ll write a spin-off series though it’s looking more towards continuing as the last book has the potential to create a series plot that will insist on being followed through to the end. I however have no idea what that end will be. I literally can’t go further then 4 books ahead, if I try I get bored before I’ve even started the series.

I have tentative plans of writing a Bounty Hunter series after the 4 books, or whenever, that will have the characters from one of my old series. I can’t write that one anymore, I tried and it haunted me, but I love the characters and if I can organise this plot to work I’ll use them and their mates as I write that series.

Saying this, this pen name is so open and I don’t really give it a whole heap of thought because it’s not meant to be used for that. Just me having fun, though I would really like to at least try and get the four books finished by the end of the year, early next year, if my mental health (PTSD) will play nice and allow me my creativity in even this small form.

Now onto RB McGee

I’ve realised something last night which is sad in a way but also makes me feel a lot better about the whys of me stalling out on this book. Because that’s what’s happening. I’m not happy with it

Iced (Chained Souls Den, 1) is 20/60K, PNR Romance (cis males)

Sigh. This book.

Basically I started this book because it was the most compelling. Don’t get me wrong, it still is, however the problems seem to be that even though I love the idea, I also started writing it to prove something to myself, or maybe more to see if I can. I wrote that first 20K 3 times, easy. And I know if I went back that I’d need to rewrite the last 3K if not 5K of the story which fucking sucks.

What was I trying to work out? If I could even writing a novel. What parts would I struggle with and will the structure of writing them come easy. The answer to that is that I feel back into writing novels like I was always meant to be there, and I learnt that with the above 20K and so now I’m staring at a word doc without a reason to write it and kinda hating the whole tone of the story.

The solution: put it down and start all over again when I have what I’ve already written out of my head and that way I’ll be able to write what I wanted to all alone. It’ll be better this way, I believe.

Fear not, if you were fearing at all, I have different things I’m also very excited to write under this pen name. the first is a trilogy of standalone novels

Vampire Trilogy, is what the file name is, because I don’t actually have a name for it yet. It is three books following triplets as they fall in love. They run an organisation of assassins and such as well as run a bar which is a bit of a save zone for those in the know.

Book 1 is the triplet that deals more with cleaning up after his brother when he makes a mess of things, it works for him as he’s not really able to stand still for long time. His mate is an assassin who is kinda one of his triplet’s rivals.

Honestly this story idea was going to be what I wrote for Criminal Delights collaboration the first time round, though they were just going to be rivals and it was contemporary, this one will follow that plot I had laid out but obviously a little differently.

Book 2 is the triplet who is another idea that came out of Grimm Delights (I really wish I couldn’t have written back then). It’s not got the fairytale twist to it anymore but I like both my characters.

Anyway, this is the triplet who their uncle took under his wing to train to be his right-hand man (didn’t work out well for him) and who ends up their coven leader. So, he and his mate got together when they were at university and both had different paths they needed to get back to, one being a mob boss (sorta) in training the other a cop. Anyway, something happens, and the cop realises he wants his mate and so he’s going to get him, no matter what, as well as an underground group making homeless wolf kids cage fight and wants to take down the Triplet’s bar - tho this last bit might get changed, I'm not sure yet.

Book 3 is obviously the 3rd triplet’s story. His has a little dip into the Chained Den’s area of the universe (did I mention this will be a part of a shared universe?) but apparently you are getting these first maybe, it will really depend on how things turn out. Anyway. I don’t know much about this ones story, because it’s not a reused idea, but it’ll be fun to write both those characters.

BUT more so I’m gong to be collaborating with April Kelley for something amazing. we’ve been wanting to do this for so long and finally our writing and lives have gotten to a point where we can finally get something out from us both.

We are first going to be writing two series that start and end at the same point. they will both be able to be read separately with Easter eggs from the other series scattered about. and if that all ends well, we’ll be actually co-writing a few stories in the series as well as a trilogy about … we’ll I don’t want to give the plot away. but I get to write about dragons—so fucking excited!

It’s a 4 books series (each) and will be long novellas/short novels and though we want to write them all before publishing them, I’m so excited to get into the world and bring them to you.

Sorry kinda a long one this time around,

Talk soon

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