Welcome to our new blog!!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome, not only to our new website but to the beginning of pride month. We are so happy to see you and for the month of June, each post you read you can click a link and add your name to the pool to win a $25 amazon gift card.

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Let me tell you more about us

I’m Bronwyn (she/her), pansexual (ace tendencies), demigirl – because pride – and I will be focusing on the reading side of our blog. I am an avid reader, as I’m sure a lot of you are, and I wanted to start reviewing, I’ve never done it before, so hopefully I won’t suck, lol.

Oh, I'm also not going to get a full editor on my post. I'll try my best to have them as clean as possible but some things will slip by.

I read a lot of different books—no that’s not true. I read MM Romance in most if not all genres, other LGBTQ+ romance/fiction, YA Urban and fantastical/historical Fantasy (but not 1800 and early 1900’s historical), YA Science Fiction and I’m trying to get into epic or mainstream adult fantasy.

I’d like to say I’d only focus on the LGBTQ+ content in this blog but I want to be able to review everything I read. However I focus on LGBTQ+ content in my fiction more than anything else, though I did want to let you know of the possibility of running across something outside what we focus on.

I wrote a piece about how I review and rate books if you'd wish to know, the links here

if you want to remember or see the post again see if again, hit 'reviewer' under my avatar on the blogs main page.

April Kelley (she/her) – bisexual, cis-female - is the second person on this blog. She will be focusing on the writing side of our posts. She has a lot of knowledge rolling around her brain and she wants to share it with those who want to learn.

This isn’t to say we wont both take a page out of the others shoes but as of right now, this is what we are doing, blog wise.

We are also hoping to have other authors host throughout the years as well.


We will be hosting blog tours. I have signed up to a number of hosting sites but please contact us outside of this if you are looking for a tour or would like to be highlighted on our blog. Or have a look at our other services.

We will be opening up a newsletter promoting LGBTQ+ genre and literary fiction, the pricings are all set up. I am planning a tentative release of August for this program however with the interest is there I’m happy to move the release of it forward. We’d need at least 10 authors interested in the various packs.

We are also going to be organising a book fair in October to celebrate Halloween, it’s to celebrate all things dark. We want to feature not only Halloween focused content but also dark romance/fiction and horror romance/fiction. We want out book fairs to be for those books that sit on the darker side of things, so if you feel this is the area your book falls, check out our fair details, and if you question whether yours will fit contact us and we’ll be able to tell you (though I’m sure it will, as long as it’s not a fluffy beach read you’re probably in the right stop).

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will come back again. And remember sign up for the giveaway.