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Hey, hi, hello!

As you might be able to see, things are looking a little different for Once & Books

Why you might ask, well (and this could take a bit, I’m a rambler)

Back in 2019 I decided I needed a break from being an author. There was a number of reasons for this, but mostly came down to me hating indecision (like HATE it) and the fact that this decision was one I was contemplating since probably 2017 was surprising even for me. So, in 2019 I made the decision to just let it all go and so I did.

However, I didn’t want to leave the community. I didn’t want to disappear. I love books and since I wasn’t writing anymore, well, I may as well help promote. And so that’s what I did, for a year I did nothing but promote.

I also read. Consumed hundreds of books, I think I hit 500 books, with most of them being new reads when normally my number may look the same but I’m reread as much as I was reading.

I needed the break. Flat out. I have no regrets, it allowed me to let go of writing completely and focus on something else. which isn’t something I ever really gave myself as I contemplated over again whether being an author was something I actually wanted to do or not.

Facts are, I do.

Around April 2021 I started writing again. it was slow. Mostly because RL is a bitch, it had been a long time since I wrote and I just didn’t know what I wanted out of life, but the need was there, built up over a year of not writing. Story ideas where fleshing themselves out in my head until I couldn’t not write. So that’s what I did, but this time, instead of rushing in headfirst I took a breath.

What did I want this to look like?

  1. I wanted to write novels. I think my writing and the books I want to write suit that size the most.

  2. I didn’t want to write under my real name

  3. I couldn’t be a social media author, it’s unfortunately not for me

The not wanting to be on social media as an author and me not using my real name anymore comes more from the fact that I got way too much stress from social media and the need to be something I just wasn’t that it sucked the energy and fun out of writing for me. So, I need to be able to step away as much as I can and this seemed the best way to do it. honestly not sure this will affect anything, my RL name is still all-over social media but I’m a reader with that name, and honestly, it’s come to a point where things are changing massively in my life, and I need this separation unfortunately.

Saying this I will most likely end up being my own PA in a small way and that will be about it.

I did contemplate creating a patron, which isn’t a bad idea, I would do really well in that platform as social media goes and I have some great content ideas that would not include you reading the book while I write it (tho I’m also happy to do that) but I’m not sure I’m interesting enough for people to want to hang out with me over there (let me know if you would, one of my main thoughts is live chats with me)

I will go into my pen name and why I picked it and why it in an upcoming post

I guess the next thing would be why this website?

  1. it’s needed, however I actually wasn’t going to start one yet, because I’ve no plans on actually publishing until late 2022 to early 2023, but I accidently paid for another year on the original blog which I just can’t maintain in a way that’s helpful to anyone, and so it just seemed that this was the better way to go

  2. I like blogging. I actually sit very well in the blogging area of things, considering my social anxiety about commenting on posts (creating posts themselves) and other such things. I find this soothing and easy and a lot of the time helps motivate me to write

  3. I can still help promote authors, the websites Instagram is active as much as it always was, but for when I can’t use that I can help promote via this blog (tho I do need to contact some companies and see if I can go Instagram only, not sure they allow this or not).

I’m not really sure if this has help answer your question or just me talking but I do have plans on writing about writing, especially as I take steps to reintroduce myself as a new author and why I decided I needed 2 pen names instead of just one (and the fact that I’m still not sure if I need the two)

Things are still in the works, I’m not rushing anything, I’m just learning to love writing again and I thought maybe you’d like to come along with this journey.

talk soon

RB McGee

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