Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time ~ A Limited Edition Collection : Blitz, Excerpt, Review

With Stories By JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, K-Lee Klein, Lynn Michaels, Megs Pritchard, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York

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First time shifting

There’s a first time for everything. When these shifters come of age, shifting for their first time into their true form, you never know what will happen. Is that love in the air, or just mating rituals handed down from one generation to another?

Pick up this exciting boxset with new to you authors and some old favorites. It’s sure to please and give you hours of reading pleasure.

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Stories in this Limited Edition Collection: Count Down by JS Bright The Last Kitsune by Melissa E Costa By The Moonlight by Megs Pritchard Prey To The Fox by Jessie G BlessEd Be The Dead by TL Travis Finding His Groove by Sara York First Fire by Lynn Michaels The Omega Thief by Victoria Sue Bee Cave Magic by Kelly Fox Paws In The Snow by Nicole Dennis Shift to Gray by Kim Katil Mountain Ail by Kris Jacen Open Season by Katey Hawthorne Sunbeams and SunTea by K-lee Klein Prince of Indigo Island by Jacki James Leopards Lair by Miski Harris

spot review

the collaboration is exactly what it says it would be, virgin shifting and enjoyable to read in a way that I was expecting really. I like the idea and the execution.

Pray to the Fox is one of my favorites, it hit the feelings hard and fast with a rabbit shifter who'd had it hard his whole life and all he wanted was to not be a burden to anyone, especially his mate, but in the end it was his mate that helped him see that he was perfect and it hurt so sweetly.

The Omega Thief was a quick little tale taking us into a new world by the author which she says will be a series coming next year (and i for one appreciate this). A prince can't become king without a omega mate, a mate who happened to have been thrown in the cells for something he hadn't done, which i guess was lucky for them all.

the story was short and sweet and made me want so much more, which in this case was the point.

I enjoy short story collections because they allow me a slice into an authors writing I've never read before and also gives me something small to wet the apatite when I have enough down time to read but not enough to get stuck in a book and this was perfect for that. I even liked that each story wasn't the same length as I was able to flick through them until they are all finished.


Nicole Dennis

Paws in the Snow

Exhausted from the waves of pain, Derick slowly packed up his backpack and tucked the bottle in the outer pocket. Zipping it up, he slung one strap over his shoulder and grabbed his coat. Carefully, he walked down the steps.

Though other students called out to him, he ignored them. Just not feeling strong enough to answer.

He leaned against the front row desks. Dropping his coat on one desk, he rubbed his fingers over his head and rubbed his neck.

Dark speckles filled his vision. Then the strange burning sensation returned to his eyes.

“Do you know what is happening to you, mon chaton?” Chevalier asked in his soft French-Canadian accent.

Lifting his head, Derick tried to blink through the speckle spots and burning. “Happening? Flu. Got flu.”

Chevalier shook his head. “Not the flu. Something special. Something that I don’t think you ever learned about, but now I can see it inside you. I can help you, but you must trust me. You will need to listen to me, follow me, and I’ll get you through what is happening.” He touched his fingers against Derick’s cheek. “Can you do that for me, mon chaton?”

“Will I feel better?”

“Oh, oui, better and stronger. That I can promise.”

His knees buckled when another wave of pain and cramps roared through his body. He groaned and collapsed.

“Oh, mon chaton, we’re running out of time,” Chevalier said when he caught him. He held Derick tight against his frame.

“Feel horrible… Help me, Professor—”

“Ben. Call me Ben.”

“Scared. Feel horrible.” Derick rested his head on Chevalier—Ben’s shoulder. He breathed in the soft fragrance of Ben’s cologne. Just the touch and smell of him comforted whatever happened deep inside him. “Don’t leave me.”

“Never, mon chaton.


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