The Light Beneath the Dark by J.P. Sayle : Release Day Guest Post

Dark River Stone Collective 1

Lincoln Stone is President of the Dark Angels motorcycle club, and he’s been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Will this finally be his downfall?

Lincoln lives a life that straddles the fine line between right and wrong. Now he stands accused of a crime that could see him losing everything he holds close and breaking a promise to the one person who loved him unconditionally, his sister.

That is, until Mason.

Mason Davenport believes in the law and what it stands for. When his father asks him to take on Lincoln’s case, he learns some things are not as clear cut as they seem. Can he see beneath the exterior Lincoln hides behind to help him battle for his freedom and keep what he treasures most? Or will those who are conspiring against Lincoln win?

The Light Beneath the Dark is a standalone MM gay romance, with a sassy little girl that can offer one man freedom and another what he never realized he wanted, a daughter.


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guest post

Writing and me…

Did you ever feel like there was something you were meant to do, but you put it off thinking you needed to do other stuff? Well that was me and writing. When I was in my early twenties I started to write, I was in a personal crappy situation and I needed an outlet. Somehow as things improved the writing got put to one side, I regret this.

Fast forward twenty plus years, and a nursing career later, I was back to being in a crappy situation only this time work wise rather than personal and my focus went back towards writing. It was the best decision I ever made to pick back up the mantle I put down.

As a wife, mum, sister, daughter, friend, you tend to put all those things first, it’s not often I put myself first. Writing has given me that and though sometimes I feel selfish, I remind myself it’s okay to put yourself first because that allows me to give more to others. If you have a dream, don’t let life get in the way of it because sometimes you don’t get the chance to grab hold of it again.


I cleaned the blood off Tiss’s red and inflamed skin, explaining the care required for the next week while I dressed it. When I was finished, I disposed of my gloves and followed a slightly unsteady Tiss and Bee down the stairs.

“I’ll grab you a set of written instructions before you leave—”

The door burst open and hit the wall, causing the top piece of glass to shudder in the frame and me to stop talking.

Three law enforcement officers came through the door and my whole body tensed at what it meant when they eyed me. Instantly, I knew they’d come for me, but I had no clue what it was I’d supposedly done this time. I gave them a toothy smile and leaned on the counter I’d gone behind to get the instructions. Nutty remained silent, but her hand reached for mine and gave it a squeeze of reassurance.

“What can I do for you, officers?”

“You can come quietly, Lincoln. We need you to come with us to the Bell County Sheriff's Department to answer some questions. There’s been a serious allegation made against you,” Sheriff Cranford answered with smug satisfaction.

He rarely got off his ass to leave his office, but he and I had a long history going back fifteen years. When he’d been appointed as Sheriff, he’d taken it upon himself to run the riffraff out of town. The riffraff being the Dark Angels motorcycle club that had been set up by my granddaddy. He’d died when I was young and I couldn’t remember him, but I’d heard great things about him from some of the older club members.

The townsfolk used our businesses, but on the whole, kept their distance. I was convinced the folks avoided us so as not to get drawn into Cranford’s hate campaign. He also liked to lord it over the town and the council. He was a total dickwad, full of his own importance, who hated that I’d not gone anywhere. It had worsened when my businesses had thrived, even with his constant harassment for the slightest infractions.

I’d been born and raised in Belton, and my family went back generations. The only way I’d be leaving was in a box, and I’d made that more than clear to him.

I eyed the two deputies as I came around the counter. The younger, blond one, Milton, put his hand on his gun and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Are you arresting me?” I growled, putting as much menace into my voice as I could.

Milton’s hand trembled, although he didn’t back up. The other deputy, I couldn’t place him so assumed he was new, eyed me, revealing nothing. I moved closer to them, then noticed the wide-eyed Tiss and Bee watching the show.

I swallowed a curse, knowing that it would be all over town before I got to the Sheriff’s office.

“Nutty, can you give Tiss the instructions and take her money. Cancel my clients for the day.” I didn’t glance at Nutty but looked straight at Cranford. “I take it I won’t be back today?”

The grin that crossed his face caused my stomach to knot. It was full of glee like he had a dark secret. “You’ll be lucky to have a business to come back to by the time you get out, boy.”

the author

Let me introduce myself, I’m JP or Jayne. I’m a lady of a certain age (cough, cough over 50 but I embrace my inner child often). I’m an identical twin and I was born in the Isle of Man; this makes me Manx (not British or English). I’ve lived in several places over the years but I returned to the island 1998. I love the sea and now it’s only a stone’s throw from my home.

I quit my nursing career this year to follow my dream to write full time. I published my first book in 2018 and since then I’ve managed to publish some twenty plus books. (I have a 12 book challenge this year! I’ve managed to write 14 so far!)

My island is steeped in folklore and I have used some of this in my writing, particularly the Manx Cat Guardian Series, it’s paranormal with a twist. But I’m an eclectic girl and I’ve spread my wings since then. The tropes I write vary from, Daddy Kink, BDSM, age gap, Billionaire romance, Small town friendships, friends to lovers, out for you, sweet romance, and so much more. They all have a little angst (or a lot). I tend to write in series (shakes head).

Writing has unleashed a beast in my mind and now I can’t switch it off. So with that, I now have to try and keep my unruly boys in check while they vie for my attention, and currently it’s who shouts the loudest. But, I’m okay with that now I have the time to let the words follow