The Devil Told You by Alexis Jane - Release Day Guest Post

Rumpelstiltskin Reimagined

Getting bundled into a car and held against his will was not exactly how Aiden had planned to spend his day. There's a way out. His captors will let him live if he can perform an impossible task. Or at least one impossible for Aiden. Mistaken identity really sucks.

Aiden has one night to find an escape from captivity. But what finds its way into his derelict cell is a mysterious stranger who says he can help. For a price.

With little choice, Aiden pays up with the only thing he has to offer. Himself.

And when the impossible tasks keep coming, his only hope of survival is the nameless visitor and the increasingly violent payment he requires.

One way or another, Aiden's going to get hurt before he can buy his freedom.

But there's only one man who can make him want it.

Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You will find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic that you think you know. These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes.


GENRES: M/M, Dark PNR, Fairytale Reimagining


Guest Post

I've always loved fairy tales. I even wrote one of my own – The Wolf and The Pear – so the idea of writing a contemporary version of a classic fairy tale was too intriguing to pass up. Especially a dark version.

Most true fairy tales are very dark, with more murder, dismemberment, and incest than you could shake a gnarly stick at, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to find the dark side.

Why I chose Rumpelstiltskin, I'm not sure. I tend to be one of those writers who have ideas pop into their head out of nowhere. I've learned to just go with it and not argue. Admittedly,, writing a story about a man trapped in one room with little hope of escape has taken on a different color, but really my eye was on the idea of bargaining – what someone would give, or take, in order to get what they wanted.

Aiden has to give, and take, rather a lot but it's not all bad. Whether he makes it out or not...well, you'll just have to read it and find out.

Link to The Wolf and The Pear


Aiden looked up, hoping to plead with him again, although he was momentarily struck dumb by the way the man was looking at him. It was intense, as if the guy was trying to see down to his bones. Aiden caught his breath and tried again. "Please. I have to get out of here. I'll do anything."

The way that seemed to catch the man's attention had alarm bells ringing in Aiden's brain and a blanket of regret covering him so tightly it was suffocating. Under most circumstances, he would never say anything so rash, being that one man's "hard no" was usually someone else's "hell yes." But these were desperate times and as much as he regretted putting whatever thought into his Visitor's mind that made him smile in such a predatory way, maybe desperate measures were the only things that were going to get him out of this.

"Anything." The Visitor seemed to be testing the word in his mouth, rolling it around and examining the taste of it.

"Yes." If he was going to do this, Aiden figured he should be a man about it. "If you can get me out of here."

The Visitor left him waiting, drawing the seconds out into minutes as he ran his gaze over every inch of Aiden's body. It left Aiden with no doubt they were talking about sex, not an IOU, or a promise to mow the guy's lawn, or to drive him to the airport on a Sunday morning. When the guy finally said, "I can't take you out of here. That would be…complicated," Aiden was surprised at how much hope he'd been hanging on the sliver of opportunity. The way it was yanked away from him was almost as horrifying as the moment the bag had been pushed over his head, blocking out the light and spiriting him away.

"I could open this for you, though." The casual way the Visitor gestured at the laptop, almost had him believing it for a second.

"Yeah, right," Aiden scoffed.

"You don't believe me?"

Aiden threw up his hands. "Apart from the fact that that would be very fucking convenient, I imagine if your boss had access to your technical wizardry, he wouldn't've needed me in the first place, now would he?"

Aiden didn't even consider that under the circumstances sarcasm might have been rash until the Visitor took a step toward him. It wasn't even intended to be intimidating, but Aiden still found himself scrambling back onto the bed to get away.

"Maybe," the guy said quietly, with a little condescension, "I've been keeping my talents close to my vest, so I don't end up locked in a room with a laptop, offering sexual favors to a stranger just to see the sun again."

"You make a compelling argument," Aiden whispered, not wanting to look away, waiting for any hint that the guy was going to strike. His heart was in his fucking throat. It was very doubtful that his Visitor was the kind of predator who would telegraph his moves, but he found himself not wanting to even blink just in case. "You can't blame me for having trust issues, though."

The guy's lips curled up on one side into a sly smile that somehow made him seem less frightening. "I guess I can't. Maybe you could think about it as therapy in that case."

Aiden huffed out a laugh. "You want me to work on my issues, how?

Letting you fuck me on the slim chance you might be able to hack some guy's laptop?"

The Visitor shrugged. "Doesn't have to be that." When he stepped closer and came to sit on the bed, Aiden instinctively slithered off the other side, retreating to the doorway of the bathroom. The guy didn't seem to mind or expect anything less, given his amused expression and the way his body relaxed.

Aiden, in contrast, could hardly catch his breath, and his heart was pounding. He had no doubt his cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and felt as if his body might crack from the tension he was holding. "Okay," he breathed out, flustered but trying to keep it together. "Okay, what then?"

The Visitor seemed to consider his options for a few seconds, tapping his lips with one finger and looking Aiden up and down. For some reason, it made Aiden less nervous, the fact that the guy was really thinking things over and not just rushing straight to "spread your legs." "I think I'd quite like to see what I'm getting first. How about you show me the goods?"

"The what?"

The guy chuckled. "Take your shirt off, Aiden."

Grim and Sinister Delights

Naked Ambition by Lisa Henry, With a Twist by Kate Sherwood, Bound by Sean Azinsalt, True Mate’s Kiss by Rorie Kage, The Elves and the Bondage Daddy by JP Sayle, Pied Piper by Emma Jaye, The Devil Told Me by Alexis Jane, Crimson Painted Snow by Brea Alepoú, Shards of Ice by R Phoenix, Beauty Bound by Megs Pritchard, False Feathers by Adara Wolf, The Rejiorling by Leona Windwalker, Consequences of Crying by Abigail Kade, A Merman’s Tale by MD Gregory & The Black Sea by Dora Esquivel

the author

Alexis Jane is the dark-half of author Alex Jane.

Exploring the visceral side of MM romance, her stories delve into horror themes, profoundly problematic relationships, and violence while holding romance and love at their core—no matter how misguided it might be. It's love…but darker.

Because some happy endings come harder than others.

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