Stunning Cover Reveal & Excerpt for Run This Town Series by Avril Ashton

Stunning Cover Reveal & Excerpt for Run This Town Series by Avril Ashton!

AWARD-WINNING Author Avril Ashton brings you a heartstopping series of love, secrets, and the dangerous men caught between the two...

(Watch Me) Break You

They’re in a war for control of the streets, but love will be the ultimate prize.

Here comes trouble…

Men. Women. Drugs. Dima Zhirkov’s favorite things. Add in the element of danger and he should be right as rain. But not today. It’s not working, hasn’t for a long time. He’s grasping at the flimsiest of straws to prove he’s indeed strong enough to run his streets. Until he sets eyes on him. In the midst of a room full of strangers, Dima is drawn to a man as cold and dangerous as he is beautiful. Captivated, Dima embarks on a ruthless campaign to get his new toy into bed.

Here comes the danger…

Xavier “X” Storm is content to pull the strings while someone else handles the day to day dealings of his gang, The Rude Boys. He’s after what Dima holds closest—the Coney Island streets. He contracts out the job of killing the Russian, except Dima isn’t that easy to kill. When he suddenly shows up in X’s path, tempting him to indulge in the dirtiest play, he finds Dima isn’t all that easy to shake, either. His cocky attitude and rough submission tempt X to go where he’d vowed to never return, and they plunge headfirst into an affair fueled by possessive obsession.

Run for cover

Sex and pain Dima can handle, and X delivers the most depraved kind. Their connection is explosive, their games addictive, but Dima can end it whenever he wishes. He doesn’t see that X is breaking him down, giving Dima everything he wants and even more than he ever thought to need. By the time he realizes who X is and what he wants, Dima is raw and bullet-riddled. It’s run or fight. And Dima doesn’t back down. Neither does X.

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Excerpt from (Watch Me) Break You

“You haven’t asked my name. Why don’t you tell me yours and I’ll reciprocate.”

Cold eyes regarded him steadily. “Xavier Storm.”

Dima caught his bottom lip between his teeth, worrying the piercing there. “Xavier,” he murmured. “What do your friends call you?”

“Are we friends?”

“We’re a lot of things.” Dima winked. “Getting to be more by the minute.”

For a second there he thought Xavier was going to roll his eyes, but he just said, “X. My friends call me X.”

Dima grabbed his arm and pulled him close, their chests touching. “Xavier, it’s a pleasure. Really. I’m Dima Zhirkov.” He dropped his gaze from Xavier’s expressionless face to his lips. They needed biting in the worst way.

“I want your emotions,” Dima whispered. “That control you keep a tight rein on, the power you work so hard to conceal. I want you to unleash it on me. All of it. And I want to watch your face when you do, when you let it all go. For me.” Xavier stiffened against him; it felt as if the other man had stopped breathing. Dima tightened his hold, not willing to risk letting Xavier out of arm’s length for an instant.

“You’ve got the wrong guy, if that’s what you want.” Xavier’s voice was scratchy, full of static.

Dima tilted his head back, meeting Xavier’s gaze. “Yeah? You think so?”

“I know so.” Xavier was gone, yanking out of Dima’s hold effortlessly, opening the door and stepping outside.

Dima raced after him. “You must want to put me in my place,” he said breathlessly as Xavier hurried to his car parked in Savannah’s fenced-in driveway. “Show me who’s in charge.”

“You’ve got the gun, you’re in charge.” Xavier didn’t look at Dima as he pulled out his keys.

“No.” Dima grabbed his shoulder, turning him around and stalling Xavier’s movement. “You. I want you. Your belt, my skin. Your hands. On me.”

Run This Town: The Complete Series

The bestselling Run This Town series is now available in one convenient volume!

Run This Town showcases the best of Avril Ashton’s dark, dirty, and diverse writing style, serving up anti-heroes from the author’s mafia/gang-style m/m romances that you can’t help but fall in love with and root for.

“If you like unconventional stories that are romantic but not sweet, tattoos, and extremely hot sex this is definitely for you.” - Goodreads Reviewer

Book #1 (Watch Me) Break You: Dima is addicted to pain. Xavier is all too willing to give it. Only one of them knows they’re supposed to be deadly enemies.

Features: enemies-to-lovers, angst, and a cat named Butch.

Book #2 (Watch Me) Body You: Denial. Longing. Israel and Reggie discover their feelings for each other won’t stay buried.

Features: pining, angst, best friends-to-lovers, double bi-awakening, double out-for-you, slow burn, forced proximity.

Book #3 (Watch Me) Unmask You: Theirs is a perfect marriage. Until a home invasion exposes secrets, lies, and shatters everything Elias and Lucky hold dear.

Features: established couple, age-gap, angst.

Book #4 (Watch Me) Save You: Two broken men in need of saving. Tek and Ashe will have to find the strength necessary to pull each other back from the edge of darkness.

Features: cross-dressing, hurt/comfort, angst.

Also includes:

Rush: an X and Dima novella

Full Circle: An Israel and Reggie novella

Plus other bonus content.

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the Author

A Grenadian transplant, Avril now lives in Tucker, GA, with a madly tolerant husband. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who’s pretty meh about reading and school. Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing the plot points of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother. Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. She’s been nominated for numerous awards, including Best Author, Best series (Brooklyn Sinners), and Favorite All-Time Author. In 2013 Avril won Evernight Publishing’s Reader’s Choice Award for the LGBT (Male/Male) category. Recently she took home the Golden Ankh award for best Male/Male romance for her bestselling novel, Sinner’s Fall.

Addicted to cake, the ID Channel, and the UFC, Avril writes Gay and Erotic Romance with happy endings; she remains a believer of love in all its forms.

Connect with Avril: Website: Facebook profile: Facebook Page: Twitter: Instagram: Amazon Author Page: BookBub: Patreon: Newsletter: Facebook Group: Goodreads: