REVIEW: WARD SECURITY series by Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott (2/2)

“Ward Security is a new spin-off series from the Unbreakable Bonds Series, featuring the employees of Rowe Ward’s security company. You will not need to have read the books of the Unbreakable Bonds series to understand the events of the Ward Security series. However, the Unbreakable boys will be making appearances within Ward Security from time to time.”

Representation: cis-males, gay

Genre: Contemporary, romance, crime/mystery, action

This is the second half of the Ward Security books I’m reviewing, please read the first review (if you haven’t). And a reminder not to read this series out of order and that I recommend you reading the original series Unbreakable Bonds first.


“Oh, now again, this is one I’ve wanted as soon as I realised it was a book!” – Me

This book is about Dominic who had been pinning for a year for one of his buddies boyfriends father. He also has a past, one where he’d had to kill himself to get away from.

Abe is Shane’s father who got burnt hard by his mother and is scared of the possibility of being with Dom, of falling for him, thought it has been happening over the year and we start this book with the start of their relationship. I do think a lot was lost in the fact that we didn’t see the start, we heard about Dom pinning for someone but we didn’t know who. Still, it worked.

Flash forward, this is my favourite book in the series, probably second fav in the universe.

The story basically starts with Dom working a job guarding a movie star from a stalker, who gets close and Dom ends up kicking him through a window. This gets him on telly and get him attention from his past. As this is happening Dom has finally gotten himself a date with Abe.

It’s so fast passed I didn’t want to stop for a moment and even though looking back I can see not a lot really happened, or maybe the components seemed rushed it didn’t feel that way when reading. This was a story about an already established romance, they playful ‘when will they fucking kiss’ wasn’t a part of it, that had already been happening. This started with that first kiss. And fuck it was funny when Abe told Shane who he was dating. It also has this past with a person who’s, simply cray cray, and Abe needing to find and rescue him because he knew something was wrong even if Dom was trying to hid it from everyone (I’d really like a character who’s first move is to ask for help, hasn’t happened yet). I really enjoyed their romance. I enjoyed the banter and that it had taken them so long to get to this point. And I really liked that it was outside a bodyguard job.

Rated 4.5 stars

Read via audio: 6 hours 22 mins

Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Kindle edition: 219 pages


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This is a 4.5 book and we are here for valentine’s day at Ward Security.

This is exactly that, it’s a chapter from Sven, Quinn, Royce & Dom as they have a Valentine’s Day, it had a bit of a “most romantic date gets lunch paid for” but honestly it sat like those life insurance ads (does everyone have those, you know, VERY clearly scripted with bad acting?!). the short chapters of each of their nights where fun and a great little look into their lives, and what they had planned for their lovers on valentine’s day.

At the end of the day, it was everything that it said it would be.

Rated 3 stars

Kindle edition: 57 pages


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Daniel is Ward Security’s forensic accountant who loves working out puzzle’s we meet him and learnt this in the previous book. Anyway, he’s on vacation and meets a super-hot dude who ends up taking him out on a date, only he isn’t who he’s saying he is. They end up getting kidnapped where both parties learn Daniel was mistaken for a rogue CIA agent who ends up dying and therefore throwing Daniel into the case of figuring out where the information the dead dude was going to sell or just where the information is.

So basically, Daniel doesn’t trust the CIA dude he’s forced to spend a shit tone of time with, because he’s fake, which is true, nothing he says is real, which is truth. But by gods he wants to fuck him. And Edward our CIA agent who is very smitten over Daniel, who if he could hand pick his ideal mean it would be Daniel.

Mostly this is just them trying to find something while Edward wants in Daniel’s pants, and clearly so much more and Daniel trying to deny he wants the same thing, though he has sold reasoning behind not jumping the CIA agent. How can he trust a person who’s only tells lies, and convincingly?

I enjoyed watched Daniel cave to Edward, and seeing Edward open his eyes and realise who he had become and if he even liked himself anymore.

Rated 4 stars

Kindle edition: 237 pages


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This is a 5.5 and is about Seth one of the security guards at Ward Security.

The night before Sven’s wedding he hooks up with this random only to learn he’s Sven’s brother, but it was just a hook-up right. Sure, until Liam ends up needing some advice from Ward Security after men came into his new flower shop and beat him up because they wanted to know where his business partner ran off to. Enter Seth being the one that will be watching out for him.

I really enjoyed this one, it was smooth, and the chemistry worked, though I did find it very easy to just put aside and walk away. it was mostly just sweet, Liam and Seth clearly looking for the same thing even if they didn’t want to admit it.

Rated 3.5 stars

Kindle edition: 110 pages



It saddens me that Kenneth Obi died this month, it was quite sudden and deeply upsetting. Especially to those who were close to him. I was never lucky enough to meet him, even in the zoom meeting he’d set up though the lockdown. He did come across as such a lovely man, and those who did meet him, talk to him spoke about how simply wonderful a man he was.

He will be missed. Especially when or if the books he should have been around to create are down by other narrators.

My thoughts and heart are with his wife, and family in these times.



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