REVIEW: WARD SECURITY series by Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott (1/2)

Ward Security is a new spin-off series from the Unbreakable Bonds Series, featuring the employees of Rowe Ward’s security company. You will not need to have read the books of the Unbreakable Bonds series to understand the events of the Ward Security series. However, the Unbreakable boys will be making appearances within Ward Security from time to time.”

Representation: cis-males, gay

Genre: Contemporary, romance, crime/mystery, action

I'll admit I read the whole Unbreakable Bonds series without realising these ones where a spin-off and that they were caught in between the first 4 and last 4 (or at least some of them are) so going into the second half of that series has left me knowing who ended up with who, but still that didn't stop me loving this series, didn't stop me wanting more. If anything it made want to know exactly how they all hooked up.

I do suggest, if you are the type that needs order, to look into release dates and read the two series mingled together, but def should read Unbreakable Bonds first. I’m going to go into details below, and will most probably have some spoilers for the Unbreakable Bonds series.


This is Geoffrey’s story finally! Or maybe not finally if you’d read these in publication order, and clearly, I didn’t.” – Me, Instagram.

This book is about Geoffrey. We were introduced to him in an early book in the Unbreakable Bonds series, where he helps those gentlemen out, which is mentioned in this series (and again why you should read that first). Once he’d gotten a look at Sven he spent every moment we was mentioned flirting outrageously with the bodyguard. Sven, though clearly amused and flattered always kept his distance.

In this book we open with Geoffrey going out to a club to meet up with some “friends” and I say it that way because it felt like that’s how we were meant to see them, or am I just jaded? I’ve got close friends from social media. Anyway, he’s out with these people and they end up in a club where he gets spiked and next thing he knows (sorta) he’s waking up in his bed, naked not knowing how or why and realising something seriously bad went down.

Here steps in the bodyguards. Geoffery demands Sven because he’s the only one he really trust. And that locks them both up in a house – close proximity baby!

Honestly, this is a basic romance, so what happens next is pretty easy to figure out. Add into the fact that you’ve hopefully read the originally series and this one sits the same, which is exactly what I wanted and wasn’t disappointed.

We learn a little more about both characters, though Geoffrey wasn’t a closed book so I didn’t get anything new there, but Sven, we got to know better. Some stupid moves from people who probably should have known better, ending in an intense scene where shit blew up. It was great.

Rated: 4 stars

Read this via audio: 8hrs 28 mins

Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Kindle edition: 267 pages




This one is about Quinn who is one of the tech’s at Ward Security, we meet him when Noah came into the picture in the Unbreakable Bonds series. His backstory from that is he doesn’t sleep, or doesn’t really like his living situation, his roommates are “bro’s” and he doesn’t like going home and his mum is in a nursing home (?) because of an accident (we learn more about in this book) and he spending a lot of money on looking after her.

Shane is the owner of a detective agency that Hollis ends up working for and he’s an ex-lover of Jude. All of which we learnt in the previous series.

This book opens with Shane going to meet up with some kid who wants him to help find his mother only to be shot in front of him. Flash to the next day and Quinn is called into Rowe’s office and is told he’s been put on loan to Shane and his company for a month to find a hacker of the major.

This one is faster passed and in a way a bit more interesting as there is an actual investigation rather than them just reacting to what’s happening (as they are bodyguards, naturally they just react). I really enjoyed this one, love both Quinn and Shane as they kept on saying all they wanted was a fuck, both for different reasons, when it was clear hard falling was happening. I also really liked that we got to learn more about a few different bodyguards and see a more friendship bases of all interactions with cameos.

Rated 4 stars

Read via audio:7 hours 15 mins

Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Kindle edition: 255 pages

ASIN: B0799P7D8H

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Marc is a very rich man as he is in the art world (he owns galleries), he’s got a past with the Unbreakable Bonds crew but you don’t know why, I can’t even remember it was ever mentioned before, but the tension is played up here. Basically, he’s had a few attempts on his life and only 3 people can be responsible which means he can’t opening have a bodyguard. Enter Royce, he’s got a secretive past that comes with a lot of violence and heartbreak. They have to pretend they are boyfriends and that leads to some nice moments of falling in love.

One of the things I love about these authors is the way they write a romance, that heavy lust that you feel growing to something more even if they fight it. And Royce fought this one. It was also the only one that went months after the main problem was solved which was different.

The thing is I was able to put it down at 52% and not really think on it more then I’m gonna finish it tonight which isn’t bad, but it’s not the experience I’ve had with the other books in this series (add the original one). It wasn’t that I didn’t care about the characters, that I didn’t want to know what was happening but it kinda went a little sideways which seemed…odd, in the face of someone trying to kill the person he’s protecting and the fact that he didn’t seem to tell his bosses… like dude, your job?!

I found that it was putting too much into the book. It had us splitting focus to much and overall pulled us away from the main story line which had one of the most pathetic ending, it honestly felt thrown in as an afterthought because you need to tie that knot. I think it would have worked better if they’d solved one crime and then had to move onto the next to quickly for it to be finished, or even had Marc demanding to help. anyway, not my story and it is what they wanted, but for me, it pulled me way to far out of the story to care anymore. I did however love the romance.

Rated 3.5 stars

Read via audio: 8 hours 49 mins

Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Kindle edition: 251 pages


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This is a story about Wade, a waiter at Rialto and learning to cook from Ian. They are close so when Wade’s brother shows up after nine years in prison demanding that Wade owes him money and tells him he must steal it from his boss. Wade plans to run only Ian won’t allow that and ends up getting him a bodyguard. A new to the company Jackson.

This was a short story. It moved way to fast, like it was skipping a third of the build-up to the romance, which I get, but I really felt it with this one. Overall, it was a cute little story of Ward Dating Service striking again.

Rated 3 stars

Kindle edition: 82 pages


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It saddens me that Kenneth Obi died this month, it was quite sudden and deeply upsetting. Especially to those who were close to him. I was never lucky enough to meet him, even in the zoom meeting he’d set up though the lockdown. He did come across as such a lovely man, and those who did meet him, talk to him spoke about how simply wonderful a man he was.

He will be missed. Especially when or if the books he should have been around to create are down by other narrators.

My thoughts and heart are with his wife, and family in these times.



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