REVIEW: The Bodyguard Pack #1 by Casey Drake

Representation: cis-male(s), gay

Genre/tags: Paranormal, shifters, hellhounds, magic, children, kidnapping, murder, fated mates

This book is a stand-alone pain-off from Macy Blake’s Chosen One Universe


Ok, so first let’s acknowledge what I wrote above, that this is apart of another authors universe, which I believe the author has co-written a book in the universe already (Give Him Hell). Honestly tho, I don’t know where it sits in the universe, are we while The Chosen series is still working shit out or are we at the end and they just don’t know? I’m not sure and honestly probably will never figure that shit out ‘cause I’m hopeless and even if I went back to reread that series I still wouldn’t connect it. Also I have no idea if these people, or anyone we meet had been met before, if we are meant to know something I didn’t going in, because I didn’t read that book I linked above, or that spin-off series at all. In saying that it didn’t feel like I didn’t understand what was going on, and the world is pretty basic paranormal where the humans’ don’t know they exist.

THIS BOOK is about Conrad, we see him being confused about the numbers at the company he’s internshiping for (they don’t add up). He works late trying to figure it out and ends up being there way to late where he sees people with glowing red eyes ransacking his boss’ office and like a normal person, freaks out a little, and he ends up running home, where he works out what’s happening to a point where he realises he needs to go on the run. He starts and ends up calling his sister who sends Ryder to go take him home. Which is trashed and gets him at the Bodyguards office (did that have a name? probably, I’m real shit with names). Which starts the romance, as they try and work out what the hell is going on. Okay, so there is a bit more involved but there needs to be some mystery.

It is exactly what I thought it would be. Super sweet romance with a little bit of angst--you know, oh no, I can’t because of A,B &/or C but man I wanna fuck and claim you. Pretty basic especially in the paranormal world. Conrad personality changed a little that didn’t sit right throughout the book but overall it was a nice romance. The bad guy part didn’t really tell us anything new, it was a point of the book that didn’t seem to be anything but a way to get the characters together, which is fine. it was fine, in my option and honestly if you like The Chosen Universe, then this is a book you’d enjoy and if you haven’t read that and liked this maybe that’s a series to check out.

Rated: 3 stars

Kindle edition: 248 pages


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“The Bodyguards will return in August 2020”