REVIEW: Prime Time #1 by Ella Frank

Representation: cis-male, gay, bisexual, questioning,

Genre/tags: contemporary, romance, fake dating, stalker, best friends’ brother

Confessions spin-off


This is about Xander who is Bailey’s best friend (and ex-boyfriend) and Sean who is Bailey’s brother—detective Dick, as Henri so nicely named him—which is the main things you need to remember from the confession series.

We start this book with Xavier getting called into the Boss’ office and learning someone has been sending some twitter post or messages (huh, I can’t remember). They are stalkerish and alarming and he needs a bodyguard, but he wants to pick his own. However not wanting to distribute Bailey and nearly moved in boyfriend he calls on Sean who has decided to have a holiday after a big case and this is perfect (workaholic), he can guard Xander’s body and oh, hey I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend, so what if I’m straight. so basic troupe and it went exactly as expected.

“touching you is quickly becoming one of the most normal things in the world to me.”

I was a fan, as I most always seem to be when it comes to Ella Frank’s romances. I liked the two MC’s together, the banter, the arguing and the slow saps of interest, chemistry that neither understood because why hadn’t they seen it before. Why now? Which comes into play as that’s the point that seems to be used more than major denial.

I also really liked that this was a contained book, we aren’t left wondering about Xander’s safety at the end of the book. And even if it’s not all wrapped up it seemed closed enough at the end to satisfy a need for a closed ending.

I also loved Bailey’s reaction to the whole idea of Sean being Xander’s boyfriend and really enjoyed getting to know the people around Xavier, the life he leads as this big news presenter and I liked that by the end the main event was settled, we aren’t waiting for the next book to learn more.

“your face. Jesus, Xander…its, like, blinding. I never realized how fucking stunning you are.”
“and not that you’ve noticed?”

I so really hope we got a lot more interactions with the brothers, though I don’t see why we wouldn’t as well as hopefully seeing more or learning more about Xander’s family and his past.

Rated: 4 stars

Kindle edition: 239 pages




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