Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Representation: gay, cis-male

Genre: romance, contemporary, amnesia, disability

This is a trilogy, the HEA was before the accident and this is just them getting to that all over again.


this was done nice, the opening chapter was from Justin’s POV as he begins his day, tells us how much he loves Dallas and then heads off to work where he’s hit by a truck.

The rest of the book is how Dallis gets taken to the hospital by the cops and learns how badly Justin is hurt along with the possibility that he won’t be the same—no the reality, which he won’t, but it ends up not being as server (yet?) as it could have been, only he’s lost the last 5 years, all of which was when Dallas was in the picture.

I liked the fact that even though Dallas always planned to stay by his side despite Justin not remembering him and the fear that Justin could kick him out Justin didn’t. He still felt the emotions of before and listened to them, saw the pictures and grieved for what was lost rather then battle what he didn’t know. I liked how Dallas did his best to be what Justin needed. was so patient and loved Justin so much and it hurt.

“You fell in love with me once, what’s to say you can’t love me twice?”

And fuck me, I leaked. From the moment I started reading the book the emotions hit me. They wrapped around me and an ache in my throat started for what I knew would come and when it did I just leaked, no ugly cried, just full on leaked the whole time I was reading it. honestly, it never fucking stopped.

Rated: 4.5 stars

Kindle edition: 185 pages

ASIN: B08935PN7L



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