REVIEW: Mismatched Mates #1 by Eliot Grayson

side note: I was told I had to be unbiased when reviewing, but I’m not an unbiased reader and I’m never going to be one. If I start reading that way it’ll probably be the end of me reading. I have been thinking about this since I've been told that's how you're meant to review, and I just, well, personally, I like reading what people think, I like to get to know who they are as a reader, how can you really know if the review is helpful if you don't know what they actually think about a book? I know not to read things by readers who love something I hate. I know I'm more likely to like a book if the review and me have similar tastes.

Why am I saying this? because this review is very much how I feel about the book, and as I thought on the advice I realised I didn't want to review without bias, I like the personality touch, plus I find it really hard. I never learnt how to read or review that way and therefore always seem to shove my emotions and feelings into all my reviews.

So if your so inclined, let me know your thoughts? do you prefer a review to be unbiased or do you want to know what I (or anyone) thinks, feels ect, about the book. what helps most when it comes to reviews?

now I'll get off this tangent and give you what you really want

The Alpha's Warlock

I really liked this book. A lot.

We start this book with Nate who starts the book crawling towards the werewolf territory after he’d escaped a kidnapping where they wanted to bond him to a person who could use his magic for themselves. But the curse had happened, and he needed an alpha to bond to him. Enter Ian, an alpha Nate believes hates his guts. Once bonded they have to work out who did this to him.

I really liked the voice, though I don’t think it’s for everyone, or I can see it being annoying, but it was unique and interesting and poor Nate made me tear up a little throughout the book.

I liked him and Ian together. Their romance was lovely, right from the start, even when both of them said things they clearly don’t mean even if it seems so, both very clearly protecting themselves from heartache. The thing is, it was written in a way that even though it was 1st person POV and only Nate’s voice you could see how Ian felt from the moment he took him home and yet Nate’s not being able to see it, or rationalising it all in the negative felt so real too. It was wonderful, honestly, because though it could be seen as an enemies-to-lovers it wasn’t that at all. Nate’s history just made someone wanting him harder to believe Ian wouldn’t want him, it was just the bond.

Did I mention I really liked this?

The things that sorta pulled it back from a 5 star read for me, was more to do with the plot, though that wasn’t bad either.

Rated: 4 stars

Kindle edition: 172 pages

Representation: cis-males, gay

Genre/tags: paranormal, romance, fantasy, kidnapping, forced mating, abusive behaviour, vampires, magic, graphic death

ASIN: B08635QL8L


SERIES: book 2 is said to come out in 2020