Representation: gay, bisexual, nonbinary/genderfluid (only pronouns “they/them” pronouns are spoken, after reading it on a badge)

Genre: romance, contemporary, suspense, action, mob/assassins

This is a trilogy, cliff-hangers included, must be read in order


No indiscriminate killing. No collateral damage. No unvetted targets.

Hawes is the head of the family and he’s trying to make sure the business doesn’t take risks anymore. “No indiscriminate killing. No collateral damage. No unvetted targets” is his, and the family’s new mantra. This happened because of an event in the past that brings him in the crosshairs of Dante, who swaggers into his life telling him people in his organisation wanted him dead. At first, he laughs until those words come true.

Dante is a mystery that just keeps on showing up. He tells them flat out what he’s looking for and unfortunately for them both, the spark that’s between them start to blurb a few lines that aren’t the worse thing to happen, or is it? Their sex is hot and a bit dom/sub, though that is done in such a respectful way.

There are also Hawes’ siblings, he has a twin brother who is the hacker and security potion of the book, he’s seen as the cleanest person in the family and as the book opens he has a new born daughter which throughout the book “we’re doing this for Lily” was kinda drummed into the narration.

His other one is a sister who is kinda intense, she’s a lawyer by day and help Hawes do the things the family needs of her at night.

His sister-in-law who is married to his brother is a nurse who was recruited by their grandfather a couple of years back.

Basically, this story is about who is trying to kill him, but it only ends with the knowledge of one layer of this, not the whole story. It’s a series that you need to be able to binge. Because fuck I need to know what happens next. Honestly, cliff-hangers like the one in this book works so well, the main point of the story was solved, but someone is coming next, and bang, ‘wow, oh, fuck, I NEED’, are basically the only thought after I finished the book. I overall really enjoyed it, it’s what I like, high action, quick passed, and a little dark. Honestly kinda perfect for me, only it wasn’t quiet, but I have a feeling in rereads, after having the whole series behind me, and that might change.

Oh, this is only in Howes POV, though it is 3rd person.

Narration was really good. I don’t really know what else to say. It was edited well, voices separate and individual and yeah, I liked it.

Rated: 4 stars

Read this via audio: 5:37 hours

Narrator: Tristan James

Kindle edition: 200 pages

ISBN: 9781732088368



Never fall for a mark. Mission fail.

I already know I’m going to have to take some time out of my life to reread this series. It’s hasn’t slowed down and yet I’m sorta board, but I know that’s me, I don’t care for the cop setting and because this one is in Christopher’s POV who’s cover has been blown it was going to happen. One of the problems is I read the synopsis and am WAITING for it to happen and so I’m reading through it fast in order to get to this point rather than savour the experience which I think this book needs.

It took 75% of the book until we got to the point the synopsis was talking about…75% of waiting and waiting for it to happen and him to turn, but what’s left?

Let’s backtrack. This book starts out exactly where the last ended, we have Howes handcuffed to the bed after Dante tells him he’s an undercover agent Christopher. This is in Chris’ POV and lets us get to know him as a person, which is good, considering the whole time there was always questions of his motives. We get to meet his family and go with him as he has to deal with a babysitter who is sent in because he’s not done his job in a timely manner, which is take down the Madigan family. Thing is, Chris doesn’t want to, mostly because he’s falling for the man in charge who’s trying to change up the business, only someone doesn’t want this.

Again, this book is fast, it jumps from action to intel to action all the while creating or forming more of a relationship between Howes and Chris, though I do think it would have been nice to see more of this, I did like the humanising of Chris, learning about his family and past.

One of the things I have a problem with this book is the ending, how Christopher acted, it just doesn’t ring true. I expected the anger, but by this late point in the story the way it’s playing out didn’t sit right. I think it would have worked better if it happened much earlier in the book. But it isn’t and he’s already told himself all the reason why it wasn’t his fault, why his anger isn’t really justified, not really, and yet here it is, the only thing he could see. But I guess, if we play it with his past maybe it does make sense, I’m just not really buying it, the anger yes, the whole shift in plans, not so much, and it makes the whole end of the book feel like whiplash.

So it’ll def be interesting to know if we are all right or if they are throwing in a red herring, but god it’s beautiful if it’s true and surprising if it’s not.

Rated: 3.5 stars

Read this via audio: 5:38

Narrator: Tristan James

Kindle edition: 195 pages

ISBN: 9781732088382



Legacies were made to be rewritten

Okay, so this one, like the other started off where it left off, Howes is in a speed boat with a bleeding out cop and a few dead betrayers. And Christopher is in hospital. They’d figured out who’s trying to kill Howes, and its wasn’t as fun as I’d have hoped. So basically Howes just goes and pretends he believes her and she doesn’t believe it, cause she wouldn’t. honestly, the only thing she’d care about is if he’d walked up to her and shot her point blank, no probably not that either, but he’s at least be like the old days.

So basically, this was just them running around trying to make her believe they are on her side when she never believed they were and basically spent the whole books saying just fucking that, she just kept on trying to kill him while saying they were test and he’d just go back like ‘oh yeah that’s fine’. Ugh!

I liked the outside relationships that are in the works, ‘cause there is def going to be a spin-off, Reyne said so and I’m going to be reading them when they come out. I’ll probably do a reread when it’s does because I do think I’d enjoy it more on a second read, as the suspense was high throughout the whole book, I wanted to just get to the end so I’d know what was happening rather then savour it, look at all the pieces, and enjoy the relationships between everyone more.

This is one of the time the romance saved the series for me. I’ll reread it and I’ll probably like it the more I do, but overall it was just the people I liked, the relationships, not only the main one but the family ones, over the plot itself. That just seemed to unravel rather then get stronger.

Rated: 3.5 stars

Read this via audio: 5:42 hours

Narrator: Tristan James

Kindle edition: 192 pages

ASIN: B07Z6P2944



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