Reluctant Billionaire by JP Sayle - New Release, Guest Post, Excerpt

Can a party, a rejection, and an interfering Nanna help a reluctant billionaire find love, and the one thing he craves most; acceptance for who he is?

Billionaire’s Playground 2

Brett Louden attends his best friend’s engagement party and finds someone to spark his desire. Only, after a night of chemistry and a heated kiss, the much younger man doesn’t respond to his messages so he gives up any hope he’s interested.

That is until Brett is persuaded to go on holiday with his family.

Guy Finchley is left at loose ends for the holidays, until he’s invited to Switzerland at the expense of his friend’s billionaire boyfriend. His life turns upside down after he meets Brett again, and he is no longer able to deny the attraction between them.

Unfortunately, Brett’s father has other ideas about what should happen between them. Will Nanna and Guy be able to show Brett’s father the error of his ways while mayhem and disaster follow?

Reluctant Billionaire (book two in the Billionaire’s Playground series) is a standalone, MM gay romance, with a younger dominant man who has sass in bucket loads and loves kick-arse heels.

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Guest Post: Writing out of my Comfort Zone…

I’m not sure how I decided to write something with humour in it (okay maybe decide isn’t the right word to use when voices in your head make choices for you lol).

What I’m used to writing is angst with a whole heap of feels. And that was never, ever planned either. Writing something humorous just snuck up on me and bang I had Property of a Billionaire written in less than three weeks. I took that as a sign and my intention was to write the second book in the Billionaire’s Playground next year… but boys will be boys and with Nanna wanting her voice again, I couldn’t seem to persuade the boys to wait.

This book was also harder to write because one of the characters is based on my editor, yep that’s right. Writing sex scenes then sending them too him was…awkward and as it’s turned out for my beta readers who know him, difficult for them to read it knowing it’s him. However we survived and he’s still my friend!


“Guy, be careful or you might set Brett on fire with those looks.”

Agnes’s comment had Guy grinning as he glanced in her direction. “That’s the plan, Nanna, that way it will melt the clothes right off his body.”

The water I'd chosen just then to take a sip of splattered the tablecloth as I coughed and choked. “Seriously?” My eyes watered as I put the glass back down, and Guy helpfully banged me on the back as both Agnes and Rachael laughed. I avoided looking at the couple of tables close to us as I mopped up the water.

Guy shrugged. “If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s my motto.”

When I finally managed to stop coughing, I gave him a mock glare. “Maybe next time you might want to warn me so I don’t decide to spray the table with water.”

“What fun would that be?”

It was the first time I was aware of the age difference between us as he grinned at me, his expression unrepentant. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find it in me to see it as an issue as I returned his grin. “You’re as incorrigible as Agnes.”

He didn’t get a chance to answer as our starters and drinks arrived at the table. Everyone became silent as we tucked into the food.

Several minutes passed before Agnes spoke. “I didn’t realise the octopus would be this chewy.”

Before I could answer, she went to tug the piece of offending octopus out of her mouth, only it wasn’t the only thing to come out. My eyes widened as I watched the top set of her false teeth sail through the air and land with a splash in the New England clam and bacon chowder I’d ordered. In slow motion, the chowder crested the bowl, slopping onto the table, right before the teeth floated next to a clam.

There was a loud snort from my left side as Rachael roared with laughter. A hush fell over the rest of the restaurant, and I was sure every set of eyes were on us as the teeth floated in my starter. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to vomit or laugh at how macabre my delicious chowder now looked.

The hush abruptly stopped, quickly followed by laughter both loud and muffled. I gave a resigned sigh as I pushed the bowl towards Agnes. “I think I might have something you want back.”

Billionaire’s Playground

Property of a Billionaire, Reluctant Billionaire

the author

Hey, I’m JP, a lady of a certain age who embraces life to the full and it’s why I now write full time. I’ve a love of all things bookish and writing has given me an unexpected bonus, friendships all over the world.

My one goal when I started to write was to take people with me on a journey through the pages of my books. I hope I’ve achieved that and if you read this you might give me a try J