NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: J.T’s Bar #5 by Sue Brown.

Alpha Protect

What kind of courage does it take to travel two thousand miles just to say hello to a man who doesn’t know you exist? At thirty years old and never been kissed, Walker is about to find out.

After a rocky start to his life in the agency, newly trained operative Walker takes the bigger chance of his life before his first mission. He returns to J.T.’s Bar to bare his virgin soul to a handsome former operative he’s only seen once.

Since Mark left the agency, he’s spent years nursing an unrequited crush on a former co-worker. He’s left with the realization he’s facing middle-age alone. Except here’s this shy, huge man from the agency waiting to talk to him in J.T.’s Bar.

The last thing they need to hear is someone is killing Mark’s former team. Against his wishes, the agency insists Mark goes into hiding and Walker is assigned the task of getting him to a safe house. Can a rookie operative like Walker protect Mark long enough to get him to safety—and eventually into his arms?

If you like action and adventure gay romance with shy hot guys and loving that can heal all broken hearts, you’ll love Alpha Protect.




This one is about Walker, he starts the book with heading to J.T’s bar for the weekend before his first mission in order to see Mark, who he loved-at-first-sight. They chat and Mark takes him home. Sexing happen and then they learn Mark has a hit out on him and the “Valentine” teams first assignment is making sure Mark doesn’t die. Road trip people.

It was a nice read. I enjoyed it to an extent but honestly not a lot happened. I liked getting to know Walker more, like him coming into his own, or more so owing who he is. The story had me hooked and read real easy. I like the series as a whole as well as individually and I look forward to more.

Reading wise, you need to have read book 1 and the Valentine’s Day short story in order to get at least some of the story in this one. Reading them all would make it even better but this one, and the ones that follow really seem to be about the “Valentine” group and therefore you need to read that story and for that story to make sense you need to read book 1.

Rated: 3.5 stars

Kindle pages: 199

Representation: cis-male, gay

Genre/tags: contemporary, action, first time, road trip, second chance, family drama,

Series: J.T’s Bar #5

Author: Sue Brown

Release Date: 30th June 2020

Price: $3.99 and on Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: One Hat Press


“I’m not going anywhere,” Mark blurted out.

Walker went over to Mark, took his hands in his, and put them against his heart. He ignored Si’s gagging noise and focused his attention on Mark’s eyes. He could see the fear there, however Mark tried to hide it. “I need you to do whatever Mitch says. I couldn’t go on assignment knowing you were here unprotected. I couldn’t do my job, and I really need to do my job well. Please just do what they ask so that I can come back and find you safe.”

Mark’s hands shook in his. He knew Mark wasn’t scared for himself, but he hated the thought of being ripped out of his life for a second time.

“You need to talk to the boss man, muscle,” Si said behind them.

Walker nodded, kissed Mark’s palms, and left the bedroom to go find his phone.

“Wow, that kid really has it bad for you,” Si chuckled before Walker had gotten out of earshot.

Walker gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Punching Mark’s best friend would not be the way to remain in Mark’s life.

“Shut the fuck up, Si,” Mark said wearily. “He’s gonna thump you soon, and I won’t stop him.”

“If he cares for you that much, I might even let him take a swing,” Si said surprisingly.