New Release: Bent, Not Broken by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Defense attorney Madden Polunin is good at his job. He works alongside the Kings of Men MC and is known, and hated, by the New Gothenburg PD for getting his clients cleared of charges that should have sent them to jail.

Straitlaced Officer Evan Slater loathes everything about Madden, from his charismatic personality that helps free criminals, to how hard it is to pronounce his ridiculous last name. Polunin makes Evan’s job more difficult than it needs to be, and Polunin’s smug smile fuels Evan’s anger.

In a night of celebration, Madden ends up drugged and runs into Evan, which begins a turmoiled relationship between a self-declared “straight” police officer and a lawyer only interested in one-night stands. Between criminal arrests, a serial killer father locked behind bars, and a negligent work partner, Madden’s and Evan’s lives collide in ways they never expected.




“Good morning. Can I help you?”

I shifted closer to the desk and threw the wallet and keys on top. “Yeah, can you give these to Madden Polunin? I found them near my house.”

She frowned at me and went to reach for Polunin’s belongings, but the bell above the front door chimed and she glanced behind me, her face brightening. “Mr. Polunin.”

Well, fuck.

I turned on my heel and looked at Polunin, who stood in front of the door with his boss, eyes wide and mouth parted in surprise. I counted his shocked stare as a win because he didn’t seem like the kind of person who got caught off guard very often. Today he looked impeccable as always, in a gray suit and shiny black shoes, his hair neatly styled to stay stuck in place. No one should appear that good after the way I fucked him last night.

Demchenko raised his dark eyebrows. “Officer Slater.”

I nodded, jaw tight as I grabbed Polunin’s wallet and keys off the desk and strode forward, shoving them in his hands. “I found these. Thought you’d want them.”

Polunin’s gaze dropped to his hands and then rose back up to me, the shock sliding off his face. His mouth curved into a smug grin. “I wondered where they went.”

“You’re lucky I found them.” I sent him a don’t fucking say a word about what we did look, and his shit-eating smile widened.

Demchenko eyed me, the disbelief sliding over his handsome face as he shoved his glasses up his nose. “I have work to do,” he muttered, striding past us and through the waiting room to the elevator. He jabbed the button and the doors slid open right away. He disappeared fast, and I snorted.

Polunin grabbed my wrist and tugged me outside again. I was tempted to yank my arm away from him, but that would attract more attention than I wanted. I’d only come here to try to be halfway decent. He dragged me around the side of the building to a small cemented alcove that reminded me of the station’s designated smoking area. It had a bench to sit on and bright purple flowers in small clay pots set around it.

He fell onto the bench and patted the spot next to him.

I shook my head. “This isn’t a social visit, Polunin. I just came to give you your stuff back.”

He leaned against the wall behind him and crossed his arms, short brown hair glinting under the sunlight. His ash-colored suit fit perfectly to his body and gave me a good view of his biceps moving under the expensive material. I had a feeling those clothes cost more than my truck. I couldn’t stop noticing how good he looked today, which frustrated me even more, especially with the way my stomach flipped as I thought about how I’d pounded his tight hole. He didn’t protest once, and I couldn’t remember the last time someone had reacted to my touch like that. Maybe never. The thought made my cock twitch in my pants and I stamped down the urge to touch it. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

“Let’s make a deal.”

“I don’t make deals with money-hungry lawyers.” I stepped back, hoping the extra space between us would help with my stirring cock problem. The earthiness of his rich cologne did all sorts of things to me, and that wasn’t right. I preferred women, because there wasn’t a time I could remember that a cock ever interested me. Polunin’s ass? Sure, it had a tight hole I could stick my dick inside. I clenched my jaw at the thought, though. I shouldn’t want his ass, either.

He tilted his head. “Give me a chance to make my case first, Slater. Don’t you know how deals work?”

I breathed heavily through my nose and straightened. “Fine. Make your case, Polunin.”

“Listen, we both know that we enjoyed last night.” He held out his hands, grin widening. “You got someone you could fuck as roughly as you wanted, and I got a cock, no strings attached. You’re not going to get that kind of deal with a woman. Most of them expect to be wined and dined, and the ones who don’t, only want a one-night deal. Me? I’d be happy to get laid every night after work, if only to relieve some stress, and I’m sure you’re more than delighted to fuck anytime you want, right? So what’s the problem with this being a regular thing?”

“I don’t like men.”

He laughed and it was low and genuinely amused, and my mouth twitched as I forced down the urge to smile. “You don’t have to like men. I’m a hole. All holes are the same.”

His reasoning was bullshit, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. Some sick part of me didn’t even care that it was Polunin, but rather was excited by the idea. The things I’d do to him….

“Fine. Deal.” I held out my hand. He stood, ignoring my attempt to shake completely, and grabbed the back of my neck, dragging me into a hot, toe-curling kiss. My heart raced and my cock stiffened in ways it shouldn’t while sucking face with a dude. I shoved at him, nearly making him stumble over the bench, and glanced around the alcove as though someone with a camera would pop out. With Polunin, you never knew. Lawyers were sneaky assholes who’d do anything to get what they wanted. “Not in public.”

He held up his palms toward me, delight glinting in those dark brown eyes of his, almost like he got off on making me uncomfortable. “You have serious trust issues, did you know that?”

“I don’t trust lawyers.” I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “Especially not you.”

“I’m not going to do anything to risk our careers, Slater. I was merely sealing the deal.” He flashed his pearly whites in my direction.

“Consider it sealed.”