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My Fantasy Versus Reality

I’ve been making a living as a writer for six years now, and I still don’t have my stuff together when it comes to my daily schedule--and monthly plan, for that matter. I seem to manage to stick to my yearly release schedule, although I have no idea how it happens.

Mostly this is because I, like so many others, are a slave to the Muse. I’m not one of those that can write 1000 words on my fiction novel and then move to a blog post. I get into my writing so much that I sometimes forget to function. When I say function, I mean eat, sleep, shower, and put on clean clothing.

For the last six years, I’ve immersed myself in my stories to the point I haven’t written much else, including articles. Since I’ve started writing other things, I’ve found I’m the same way with that too. As I write this article, it’s my third today.

I have a certain way I'd like my day to go, though, and then there's the reality. There's the difference.

My perfect day looks something like this

Wake-up and get ready by 8 am. This includes showering, breakfast, meditating, journaling, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. (Okay, to be fair, I hit the mark every day on the coffee fantasy. Go me!)

Next, write a fiction story until lunch. I’d like to write at least one chapter.

Eat lunch. While I’m eating, I’d read some medium articles that interested me.

Write blog articles until dinner time.

Notice, I didn’t include marketing and promoting my books. If it were left up to me, I wouldn’t market them. They would just magically appear on every bestsellers list. For those of you who don’t know how the real world works, marketing is more work than writing sometimes, and if you’re a self-published writer, strategy comes into play as well.

But it’s my fantasy day, and in my dreams, I don’t have to market.

Here's my reality

I woke up at around 7 am, which is about an hour later than usual. The first thing I did was make coffee and feed my cats. I journaled but didn’t meditate.

I checked my emails while the coffee was brewing.

Responding to emails and marketing were the same things for me today, and that took me three hours. It wouldn’t have taken me as long, but my mother called. Twice. And I helped my husband make breakfast. But by 10:30 am, I had everything sorted.

(I should add here that it’s typical for me to market in the morning. Mostly that’s because it usually involves responding to an email or figuring out what a good release schedule looks like for whatever book series I’m writing at the time.)

10:30 am until mid-afternoon, I wrote a bunch of articles, this is one of them. No, I haven’t eaten lunch yet, and yes, it’s nearly 2 pm.

I finally showered and got out of my pajamas. Thankfully, no one came over (the pandemic is keeping people away).

After I finish this article, I plan on taking a break. I’ll probably get bored and write another article, though. I have at least one more topic I’d like to explore. One more will likely lead to several, and I’ll write until I either need to eat or sleep.

Update: I did, in fact, write three more articles, watched a bit of television, ate a late dinner, and went to bed.

I know what you’re thinking. That lady works a lot. Probably. I get caught up, and since writing is fun and doesn’t feel like work, I don’t mind how my day goes. When I do finally work on my fiction story, I’ll be just as obsessive and won’t write articles until I finish the first draft.

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