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Micah and Fox weren’t each other’s first choice - but might they be the last?

Love at the Haven, 3

Easygoing Micah takes the role of peacemaker at the Haven Hotel, where he's one of the long-standing escorts. But beneath his tolerance he’s hiding turmoil and anger he daren’t let loose—the last time it got the better of him, his whole family fractured. However, on one fateful night, Micah strikes back at an abusive client, and also finds startling passion with a pop star travelling incognito. Blindsided by both, his life is never going to be the same.

Fox's band is an online sensation, just about to break into live events. A talented songwriter with his career on the rise, he’s held the band together since they were all in college. So why does his public life now fill him with dread, threatening to rob him of his precious voice? Seeking anonymous comfort at the Haven, he’s mistakenly paired with Micah, and what was meant to be a straightforward business transaction affects him in a way he never imagined.

Two confused men in need of love and understanding—can they find it together?

Publisher* self-published

Length* 194 pages / 57k words

Release date* 12 April 2021

Subgenres* Contemporary, MM, romance

Other* Available at Amazon and in KU

BUY LINK* books2read.com/micahhaven3

Love at the Haven

The Flat Tyre – Tom’s Tricks 1, Dante, Rick, Micah

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