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Love Songs for Lost Worlds, 3

Ex-necromancer Frank Hope risked his life to help his demon lover Kasimir return to his homeland, a dimension humans call Hell and Kasimir calls the Eternal Realm—a beautiful medievalesque land. Now, because Kasimir is the heir apparent to a vast, wealthy kingdom, the two live in luxury in a palace by the sea. But darkness haunts them.

Necromancers, humans sworn to capture and slay demons for Earth’s energy corporations to use as fuel, continue to strike the Eternal Realm. Strife between the Eternals’ kingdoms grows as well.

When war breaks out with a neighboring land, Frank and Kasimir are forced to make hard choices that threaten their relationship—and even their lives. Is their love truly meant to be? Will the universe that once smiled upon them turn against them?

This is the final book in the Love Songs for Lost Worlds trilogy and combines elements of fantasy, paranormal, and gay romance within the framework of an alternate 1980s world.

Explicit sex, violence, suicide attempt, sexual assault

Release Date: Sunday, May 2 2021

Cover Artist: Aspen Rayne

Word Count: 70,000

Genres: paranormal romance, fantasy, alternate history

Pairings: M/M others: m/m, m/f, f/f

LGBTQ+ Identities: Gay

Tropes: opposites attract, fated mates, hurt/comfort

Keywords/Categories: demons, necromancers, magical creatures, different dimensions, fantasy battles, redemption, paranormal, alt history, alternate history, alternative history, gay romance, mm romance, opposites attract, fated mates, hurt-comfort

Warnings: Violence, gay bashing, suicidal ideation, foul language, explicit sex, light bondage, vomiting, suicide attempt and sexual assault


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1) How did you choose the topic for this book?

I started thinking about what it would be like if a demon summoner was part of an order with strict laws against talking to demons, but he broke the law and fell in love with a demon he summoned. I’m not sure what provoked it—my mind works like that. I’ll be watching leaves blow in the wind, and then I’m in some other world.

I had that idea about eight years ago. I sketched it out and stuck it in a “maybe later” file. I picked it up and played with it several times before seriously working on it. When I realized it could involve two of my favorite social justice themes, racism and climate change, it just sprang to life. I outlined the three books in one go.

2) What character gave you fits and fought against you? Did that character cause trouble because you weren’t listening and missed something important about them?

Kasimir was difficult to figure out for a while. I kept wanting to squish him into a classic demonic personality—either very butch and difficult or snarky and wicked. He didn’t want to be either. I think part of that was because I love opposites attract. Frank was so emo and rough around the edges. He needed someone gentle and moral. Kasimir knew that. Eventually, I quit fighting him. He flowed beautifully after that.

3) Who has been your favorite character to write and why?

I know Frank is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love him. I don’t even feel like I wrote him. I conducted an excavation into his past. I went through a terrible depression in 2019, and Frank kept bugging me the entire time. “When are you going to write my story?” He was good company, though. A lot of times he simply hung out with me, lying in bed beside me and keeping silent. He’s protective—and soft-hearted despite his bluster.

Originally, his name was Frank Blood. After he held my hand throughout my depression, I named him Frank Hope, because hope was his gift to me. (Holy cats, I sound insane! My characters are very real to me, though. I can’t help it.)

He also has the largest arc in the trilogy, and I love when characters change.

4) What’s your core motivation in this book?

At it’s core, every romance I write is a love story, so there’s always the idea of people overcoming different things to fall in love and/or stay in love. With this series, and this book—Infernal Hope—in particular, however, I would like readers to think about the things they use every day and where those things come from. What’s the source of those items? What’s the real cost? Environmentally, in the lives of people and animals. So many things are involved in giving us an apple we buy at the grocery store, the gas we put in our cars, the shirts on our backs. I’m not suggesting we all flog ourselves for every little thing, but that we become aware of it. Awareness is always the first part of change, whether we’re talking about racial injustice or environmental injustice.

5) Tell me about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

I guess a quirky writing habit is that I cry when I kill characters that aren’t villains. Most authors I know, and so many on social media, seem to take great delight in killing off characters. I don’t. I often have to stop and wipe my eyes because the screen has become too blurry for me to see. And I’m talking about minor characters! I don’t kill off main characters. Death isn’t something l take lightly—even in fiction. I’ve had too many brushes with it. Maybe that’s part of why I cry. I always draw on real experiences and real emotions when I write. Nothing about my fiction is fake to me.

6) What pets are currently on your keyboard, and what are their names? Pictures?

If I’m not writing in my office, I work in the living room surrounded by my animals. My cats: Bruce Banner, Loki, Severus, Hecate, Elijah, Sindri, and Pax. And my husky, Freya. Pax is my keyboard gargoyle. If I’m not careful, he’ll sprawl all over it. We adopted him as a feral kitten with a degloved jaw. He’s had a long journey to health, but he’s my largest cat now.

I used to volunteer, in almost every capacity, at a cat sanctuary. I love animals completely. That’s why you see characters like Varalica and Vazan, the shapeshifting pookas, in Infernal Hope.

Here’s a picture of Elijah, Bruce, and Pax taking over my planning notebook for Infernal Hope.

7) Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?

I love both, but my obnoxious answer to this question is always Babylon 5. I loved the quirky characters, the chaotic good vibe running through the series (chaotic good is my D&D alignment), and the themes. It was groundbreaking for its time in that most of the sci-fi series then always had the good guys saving the day at the last minute.

The first episode of B5 that really drew me in involved an alien plague on board. True to form, the doctor miraculously whipped up a cure in the show’s final minutes. However, when they went to deliver the cure, everyone in quarantine had died. That ending shocked and touched me like no sci-fi series ever had. To this day, thinking about it gives me chills.

8) What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

An historical murder mystery gay Victorian romance. It’s set in the US, so it’s actually the Gilded Age. Depending on how it goes, it should be out around October. It’s going to be an enemies to lovers, opposites attract, hurt/comfort kind of serial killer thing with a cat that senses ghosts.


Palace of the Kingdom of the Onyx Moon


I hold Frank in the dark. He still has dreams of his former life, nightmares. He doesn’t usually wake up, he just fights things in his sleep, moving jerkily and making unintelligible noises. I put my arms around him and snuggle him against my chest. After a few minutes, he relaxes.

I relax, as well. I hate whatever things lurk in his past that disturb him so. We are living a beautiful life with each other. He seems happy—ecstatic even. But when he sleeps, he’s still pursued by whatever things haunt him.

Things haunt us here, but he is unaware of them.

He doesn’t know the Vanishings have increased, or that we stopped going to the village because the animosity toward him there had begun to worry me. When someone calls him a Necromancer, he corrects them happily—‘ex-Necromancer.’ He doesn’t realize that doesn’t matter to nearly everyone here. To my mother, Rahvel, Bedon, Varalica, and me, he’s a hero. To everyone else, he’s still a villain. And I know that would break his heart.

I’ve instructed Bedon and Varalica not to discuss the Vanishings in front of Frank. He’s blissfully unaware of how dangerous it is to live beyond the palace’s shields.

The only things he fears are in his dreams, and I will have it that way for as long as possible.

So I hold my beloved, and press my lips to his head, his face, and tell him ‘I’m here,’ in hopes my words create a lifeline to the pleasures he loves so much in our world.

I can’t fully partake in those pleasures myself. I love Frank dearly, but I can’t relax here like he does when he’s awake.

I’m free of my betrothal and want to frolic with Frank for as long as I can. I live in fear of the next time my father wants to forge alliances with my hand. Although I’m allowed a measure of say in such things, I still fear confrontations with my father. Frank has my heart, will always have my heart, but I worry how long our freedom will last.

However much I love being here with Frank, I never wanted this. When I Vanished from the Eternal Realm, when Frank summoned me, I was terrified. Once I learned I would not be processed for fiendium but would be his familiar, instead, I was actually happy. Not only was I with the man I had fallen in love with when we were children, I no longer had to worry about being king. I didn’t have to deal with my father’s constant mocking. All I had to do was love Frank.

Now, it’s all back on my shoulders—all of the responsibility, all of the abuse, and the prospect of being married off to someone else. Sometimes, I almost wish he hadn’t saved me. I wish he had gone to Eden and let me die.

I can’t tell him any of that. He’s haunted by enough without my adding worries. For now, there’s only us and our love.


Next day - The King’s Beach


I flop down on our blanket. “I don’t know if I’ll ever come again,” I tell Kasimir. “I’m all out.”

Kasimir turns over, his dazzling eyes alight with mischief. “Twenty minutes from now you’ll be all over me again.”

“Yeah, well...okay. But right now, I feel completely drained.”

“So do I. I wish it were lunchtime already. I’m famished!” He lifts up on one elbow. “You seemed to quite enjoy that sparkling wine yesterday. Would you like me to ask Bedon to get some more of that for us?”

Before I can answer, a man flies from the cliff above us and lands neatly next to us. He’s wearing the colors of the king, black and emerald green. Livery, I think I’ve heard Kasimir call it. I think he’s a messenger. His skin is darker than Kasimir’s, almost bronze, and his bat wings are nearly black. Like all of the eligos, he’s striking and handsome. And again, I feel like the luckiest guy alive, because Kasimir, surrounded by men who all look like underwear models, has chosen me.

It seems so weird now to think I was ever a Necromancer. That I ever worked for DemonCo and thought about killing Eternals to make fiendium. The human world runs on fiendium, on the lives of the eligos and all of the other inhabitants of this world. It’s just a world, like ours, but we somehow decided it was ours to pillage and justified our greed by saying they were demons, evil incarnate, when they’re actually just people and animals from another world.

I catch my snap, then. I haven’t actually been listening to what Mr. Bronze has been saying, but Kasimir stands up, raining sand, with an alarmed expression on his beautiful face. “I see,” says Kasimir. “I need to change clothes....”

“Wear your armor. They leave in an hour.” He turns toward the cliff and raises his wings as if to fly. “Oh,” he faces Kasimir again. “He said to bring your pet monster.” With that he flaps his wings and flies back toward the cliff.

Awww. Kasimir’s asshole father’s term of endearment for me. Great. What now? “What was that all about?”

“We need to fly back to the palace,” says Kasimir. His wings shoot out behind him. They look like giant hawk’s wings, feathered instead of webbed like most other eligos and copper striped with gold. They’re breathtaking. It doesn’t matter how fucking awesome they are, however, I still hate flying. I endure it, but it still makes me feel faint. I hate heights, which kind of sucks when the love of your life has wings.

“What’s going on?”

He spreads his arms so I can hug him while he carries me. “Father is confronting an army from the Kingdom of the Red Moon. He wants us to ride with him.”


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Love Songs for Lost Worlds

Kasimir, a demon boy, secretly watched a human boy, Frank through an interdimensional window. While Kasimir struggled with an abusive father, Frank grieved his father’s death. Little Kasimir watched...and fell I’m love.

Years later, Frank, who always felt like a loser, discovers he has a special power—commanding demons. That’s a valuable skill to corporations like DemonCo who slay and process demons to be used as fuel. When fate brings Kasimir and Frank together, they meet as enemies, but Kasimir believes they are destined to be lovers.

With themes of redemption, courage, and true love, this paranormal fantasy series is set in an alternate 1980’s Texas and the mystical Eternal Realm.

Know Thy Demons, With Good Intentions, Infernal Hope

The author

I’m Sionnach (prounced SHUHN ukh) and I’m a trans male author of romance and fantasy. Most of my books are gay romances because they’re so much fun to write. Opposites attract is my favorite trope with hurt/comfort right behind it. Few things are as fun to me as bringing men to life and pushing them into each other’s arms. I love happily ever afters and believe true love is absolutely real.

Before I started writing full time, I volunteered as a grant writer for animal rescue nonprofits. I love animals, and they inevitably find their way into my stories. I share my life with my husband and seven spoiled cats. I’m also the emotional support human to a crazy husky. He/him


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