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The Hallowed Bloodline: The Guardian

Twin witches Robbie and Rowan take a job at a mineral mining company. The twins grow concerned when some of the miners start disappearing. They suspect the culprits to be a coven of witches, who also work at the mine or, is there something else lurking in the darkness of the mine?

Robbie and Rowan are thrown back in time. They find themselves stuck in the year 1647 with no foreseeable way back. There they discover their ancestor, Cane, the first in their family to wield magic. During an intense battle, Robbie and a nascent witch, Tillis, are catapulted forward in time to the year 1918. Robbie is separated from Rowan for the first time in his life. Robbie meets his young grandfather in post-war Connecticut. His disembodied spirit is tethered to Tillis, who is unaware of the connection. Robbie is forced to witness the secret relationship between his grandfather and Tillis. In his search for Rowan, Robbie has a disastrous encounter with a werewolf. He will need his brother to help him fight in the battle that has the potential of becoming the next apocalypse

TAGS: LGBT, Gay, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy,

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The Hallowed Bloodline: Us vs. Them

Ehane Freeman is a Native American witch who is obsessed with his family’s turbulent past. He is a descendant of Sassascus, the sachem of the Pequot tribe. In the Freeman family, it is the firstborn male who becomes the guardian of the coveted Teetonki zeal chest, their most secrete heirloom, which holds generations of magical tomes. Ehane doesn’t feel his older brother is capable of protecting the chest.

Ehane stole the chest and sought help from his friends. Together they conjured a spell to bring them to his great ancestor, Sassascus. The problem was that Sassascus lived in 17th century Connecticut. Ehane brought them to a point in time just before the Mystic Massacre. One of the darkest times in Connecticut’s history, certainly not a place for three 21st century men.

Dohate traveled back with his friends to pursue Ehane. While in the past, the friends wrestle with the ethical ramifications of screwing with time. They turned on each other and went their own way. Two longtime enemies found they have to work together to thwart the powerful witch who lived in Fort Saybrook. The men discover they work together well, and that had things in common. They found themselves falling in love with each other.

Their actions in the past derailed history to the point of preventing the Pequot war from happening. The men have to find a way to come together again. It will take nothing less than them all working together to restore the original course of history.

TAGS: LGBT, Gay, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy, Book series

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