Grim & Sinister Delights - Introduction, Pre-Order Links & Giveaway

by Sean Azinsalt

I remember the first time I saw Cinderella and Snow White on the big screen. I was a very young child and the memory of sitting there and being swept away in the fairy tale my parents had told me, was awe inspiring.

That’s the thing about fairy tales, though isn’t it? They have become a part of our collective experience. Sometimes the stories are read to us, sometimes they are recited from memory and you almost can’t remember if the story you are telling is even the same as the one you read. They have become more than the stories and fables that the writers captured. They have become an eternal part of our world heritage. Even if we do get them mixed up every now and then with the Disney versions.

For most of us, they are still the first stories we hear or even read. They are the stories that awaken our imagination and inspire our fantasy. Everyone knows that Cinderella will marry Prince Charming. Beauty will save the Beast and turn him into a handsome prince. Rapunzel will get her happy ever after and escape her captivity. They are legend, and we all know them better than almost any other story we know.

As a gay man, it always annoyed me that there wasn’t a fairy tale for me. Where was the young man who got his prince? Well…

Once Upon A Time, is here.

Imagine Rumpelstiltskin as a story about sexual violence, and enough mobster movie references to require a trigger warning. Snow White (Snoe) is a man with a harem of demon wolves instead of dwarves. What if Rapunzel was a young man trapped in a NYC penthouse held as a sex slave? What if the Elves and the Shoemaker was about a Daddy Dom and two naughty virgin Elves?

Oh! And what about all those classic pieces of literature we all know? Dickens? Yep… We got it! Oliver Twist becomes a story about prostitution where Fagin makes sure Oliver’s clients pay him what he’s worth. And a night with Oliver is worth quite a lot! A Little Princess is turned into a Dark Omegaverse Sci-fi. Beauty and the Beast sees a beautiful man held captive in the forest by a mysterious man with enough dark twists and heat to have you panting by the time they get their HEA.

Fifteen MM authors have together to bring you dark, kinky versions of the stories you love. The Grim and Sinister Delights Series, will not only twist these tales and novels in a way you never expected, they will leave you panting for more!

Meg Bawden and I were a part of the Criminal Delights Series, last year and wanted to do something similar again. Quite a few of those same authors returned for this series and we added some amazing new ones! If you enjoyed all the crime, obsession and murder- well sit back and be prepared to read a fairy tale as you have never read them before.

The Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You'll find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks topics. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic story that you think you know, told in a way you have never seen before.

These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes. The stories are contemporary but keep that fantastical thread that all good fairy tales have!

Sit back, turn down the lights and prepare yourself to enter the dark and delicious world of Grim and Sinister Delights, where ‘ONCE UPON A TIME…’ has a dark and dangerous meaning!

We are offering the first chapters of each book in a collection on ProlificWorks! Go here to download and get a taste of the series!

Release Dates

1st Sept – Lisa HenryNaked Ambition - A retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes (Grim Delights)

4th Sept – Kate Sherwood- With A Twist - A retelling of Oliver Twist (Sinister Delights)

8th Sept - Sean Azinsalt – Bound- A retelling of Rapunzel (Grim Delights)

11th Sept – Rorie Kage – True Mate’s Kiss - A retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Grim Delights)

15th Sept – JP Sayle- The Elves and the Bondage Daddy- A retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker (Grim Delights)

18th Sept – Emma Jaye- Pied Piper: A DeMMonica Dark Romance - A retelling of The Pied Piper (Grim Delights)

22nd Sept – Alexis Jane – The Devil Told Me - A retelling of Rumplestiltskin (Grim Delights)

25th Sept - Brea Alepoú Crimson Painted Snow- A retelling of Snow White (Grim Delights)

29th Sept - R. Phoenix - Shards of Ice - A retelling of The Snow Queen (Grim Delights)

2nd Oct - Megs PritchardBeauty Bound - A retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Sinister Delights)

6th Oct - Adara Wolf - False Feathers - A retelling of The Goose Maiden (Grim Delights)

13th Oct - Leona Windwalker – The Reijorling - A retelling of A Little Princess (Sinister Delights)

16th Oct - Abigail KadeConsequences of Crying - A retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Grim Delights)

23rd Oct - M.D. Gregory – A Merman’s Tail - A retelling of The Little Mermaid (Grim Delights)

27th Oct - Dora EsquivelThe Black Sea - A retelling of Abdullah and the Merman (Sinister Delights)

A Question for some of the Authors! What drew you to the story you chose?

R. Phoenix (The Snow Queen)

In the Snow Queen, we get the story from the best friend's side, but I always wanted to know what happened to the boy who got swept away by the Queen. It was an opportunity to play with character development and really put my own spin on the tale. The best friend never stops looking for him, no matter what, and I wanted to explore that undying loyalty even when faced with the shard of ice in Kai's heart.

M.D. Gregory (The Little Mermaid)

I always wanted to write a twisted merman story that was different from the sweet and syrupy ones and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I have to admit though, even I've surprised myself with how twisted the story has become, but I've had so much fun with it!

Jacy Braegan (Sleeping Beauty)

Sleeping Beauty has been my all-time favorite since I watched the Disney version at a very young age, to the point I even named one of my kiddo's Aurora. It also inspired the pen name (nickname for Aurora). When the call was put out for a dark version, I jumped at it. I knew I really wanted to do either Sleeping Beauty (first choice) or Beauty and the Beast (second choice). Luckily, I got my first choice. Originally, I wasn't sure how far twisted I'd be able to take it, but the characters have definitely enjoyed making their preferences for the plot to be known to me.

JP Sayle (The Elves and the Shoemaker)

I fell in love with magical stories like this years ago. Paranormal Fantasy I love, then add in the chance to write a MMM and craft a twisty tale, I was totally sold. I’m more into mind play and this book gave me the perfect chance to let loose. It also happens to be the steamiest book I’ve written to date!!

Lisa Henry (The Emperor’s New Clothes)

I knew straight away that I wanted The Emperor’s New Clothes, and not just because of the whole naked thing! What immediately drew me to this tale is that there is no magic or enchantment or anything going on in it—just massive amounts of human greed and manipulation. It was a lot of fun coming up with a modern story that was still mostly recognizable as the fairytale, though my main character’s major flaw isn’t pride, it’s that he’s too trusting and naïve.

Brea Alepoú (Snow White)

Harem! I knew right away I wanted to do Snow White. I love snow whites story and what better way then to make sure it turns into a gay harem?! Add in some magic, blood, and demons it’s just too much fun to miss out on.

Sean Azinsalt (Rapunzel)

I had always wanted to play around with the story of Rapunzel. The idea of his tower, being a tall skyscraper in NYC appealed to me. High above the world, a young man is a prisoner in a penthouse and doesn’t even know it. He has been lied to and is terrified of what the outside world can do to him. It isn’t until a handsome young man breaks in that his life is shifted. In the end he becomes an assassin and has to track down the man he loves.

Leona Windwalker (A Little Princess)

I love space opera and knew immediately that I wanted to see A Little Princess' tropes given the galactic empire treatment. Come on, spaceships, aliens, the seedier side of galactic civilisation, and a young alien male trying to survive while holding out hope that his MIA father is still out there, alive, and he just has to find him, and the officer who is looking for the now also missing young male, as he'd promised his father? I've had a lot of fun with this, creating new alien species, their worlds, bits of their language, all while trying to keep the story recognisable, with the valiant spirit of our our princeling what truly carries the tale.

Kate Sherwood (Oliver Twist)

I was attracted to Dickens in general, Oliver Twist in specific, because I thought it had messages about poverty and social hierarchies that are really relevant today. The story I ended up writing went in a slightly different direction, but... that was the initial attraction!

Dora Esquivel (Abdullah and the Merman)

I love merman stories and there isn't that many out there. The one stories I have found featuring mermen are super sweet. My story is dark as hell with some mythology elements in it.

Adara Wolf (The Goose Maiden)

I was listening to a podcast that went over the first edition Grimm fairy tales--that is, before they were edited. I heard the Goose Girl story, and instantly my mind came up with all the many kinky things you could do with a scenario like that. So I kind of had it in the back of my mind for a while.

When I heard about this "dark fairy tales" project, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. :D I'm so glad I got to create this story.

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