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Noiz (Wolf Tadashi Begay) is anxious as he gets involved in the New York City manga artist community who teases him calling him "Gaijin." The community says he is not "Japanese enough" to be a mangaka while New Yorker's say he doesn't "act Black enough."

Having grown up in Japan and on the Reservation after his parents died, his childhood trauma causes Noiz to doubt himself and his talents going on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates being an artist, coming out as gay, and being Hafu (half Japanese and half Native American). He finds he doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.

Turning to Shiro Ijima, the famous Japanese SF writer who initially insults him, the aloof writer uses his own sordid past as a mangaka who was abused by his narcissistic mentor to help Noiz accept that being different does mean inferior but unique

Publisher: Natsukoarts Design Studio

Release Date: Thursday, December 31 2020

Genres: YA, contemporary, yaoi, MM, Boy's Love (BL)

Pairings: gay, bisexual

LGBTQ+ Identities: bay, bisexual, transgender (MTF)

Tropes: friends to lovers

Keywords/Categories: MM, coming of age, coming out, being your genuine self

Warnings: MM, soft yaoi MM gay sex scene

Deleted Scene from graphic noiz – Noiz Gets Artist Block

Noiz slapped the drafting table bursting out of his seat, the hidden red tartan hiding peeking out from under the thick pleats of his black kilt the fabric jerking as it swayed settling about his slender thighs as his combat boots clicked against the floor.

“Drat it!”

The peaceful calm at Studio Omni, the art studio they were working at for the day, was interrupted by a litany of curse words spewed by manga artist, Noiz, lead illustrator of the Fissure manga. The Fisure project was based on the cyberpunk series by bestselling author, Shiro Ijima and there were no second chances, the art had to be right..

Artist block consuming him, Noiz had been unable to draw all morning. He paced in front of the bookshelves then rushed back to his desk grabbing his calligraphy G-pen holder with the nib he used to ink pages and threw it across the room violently. The pen slammed into the wall causing the metal nib to break off, splattering random specks of black India ink onto the white tile floor.

“What gives?” Shawn finished inking a link of the bbackground he was working on.

Leaning down, he picked up the yellow-handled G-pen nib holder Noiz had thrown with a scolding snile reminding Noiz that the Fissure’s looming deadline wasn’t going away because he was frustrated.

Noiz glared swiped the pen from Shawn chucking it on the drafting table and throwing himself in the seat.

Shawn picked up Noiz’ half-finished page blowing on the paper gently ensuring the ink wouldn’t run as he reviewed the drawing as Noiz pulled a new nib from the clear box setting it gently in the G-pen holder then slid it behind his ear.

Cocking his head, he side-eyed Shawn. “Problem? What? Spit it out.”

Shawn set the page down. “Know why you’re frustrated?”

Noiz leaned back frowning as he crossed his arms knowing one of Shawn’s lectures was coming grindin g his teeth spitting back. “Enlighten me, manga assistant?”

Shawn pointed at the cloaked Tracker in the drawing, the villain of the story wearing a black spiked metal face mask, round goggles in a black paramilitary combat uniform holding a spike-tipped spear, the blade drenched in blood.

“Your art block is caused by your Tracker. You can’t draw him because he‘s evil, freaking narcissist, total psychopath. The Tracker is based on Katsuhiro Watanabe, your little writer friend Shiro Ijima’s former mentor. Katsuhiro sexually abused Shiro when he was nineteen at the same time he was helping him publish his first manga, Dawn which made him famous.”

Shawn tapped the penciled Tracker on the page patting Noiz on the head with a smile returning to his desk. “That is definitely, your problem.”

Noiz sighed leaving the page behind walking to the bookshelves pulling a picture of him and Shiro on vacation at the lavish Scarsdale Ijima family estate in the New York suburbs. In the picture he was wearing a red and black kilt out by the swimming pool near the guest house right before Shiro threw him in the pool. Noticing the butler in the picture, a flashback ripped through him his whole body frozen as he re-lived the trauma when Shiro shoved him into the deep end of the pool and he almost drowned swallowing water as he lost consciousness and Shiro had to jump in and save him. He gasped, the breath shallow as if gulping water, once more almost drowning, his mind was flooded with hot flashes of him flailing to stay conscious and not succumb.

A sudden nausea overtaking him, Noiz shook his head as he tried to force his nervous fear under control, his anxiety calmed as he pulled the backing off the picture pulling it out of the frame revealing a second picture hiding behind the first. The second picture he had stolen from Shiro last night having slept over at the writer’s swanky condo after a night of hot sweaty sex, his hips still a bit sore.

Noiz set the frame on the shelf, rubbing his left thigh which stung a bit as he as he brought the two pictures setting them down on the desk.

Noiz set the one of the pictures down in front of Shawn.

The first was of Shiro and Noiz with Shiro in an indigo yukata with white dragonfly stenciled on the right shoulder the right of Noiz in a black T-shirt wearing a black kilt with red peeking out from under the thick pleats.

“Hey, you’re wearing te same kilt as in this picture?”

“Yes, and this one…” Noiz set the second picture down.

The second image was of fashion designer, Regalia Ansalerio, wearing a pink jumper with white leggings and white high heels with a young Shiro Ijima in black T-shirt wearing a black kilt with red peeking out from under the tick pleats. On his right was Katsuhiro Watanabe, in a traditional indigo yukata with a white dragonfly on the right shoulder.

Both pictures taken by the same pool at the Ijima Scarsdale compound on an Autumn day, trees crowned in regal burnt auburn leaves speckled with golden patches of decay, the air sprinkled with leafy blades falling onto the perfectly-landscaped coat of olive grass.

“No way! That’s Regalia Ansalerio and Katsuhiro with Shiro, right? That kilt, you got that at Regalia’s Boutique in Scarsdale?”

“Yes, Shiro went shopping at Regalia’s. Got this kilt there. Its an Apple Inu piece.”

“Wow, like Apple Inu, the famous designer Ai Amena’s brand? The same brand, Kyle, lead singer from Porcelain Doll wears? He’s a Goth god?”

A music video by Porcelain Doll was playing on the TV screen against the back wall. Kyle’s sensual alto lyrics warbled layered over ghostly dark tones accompanied by instinctual calls of bats and locusts over drum beats weaved between chimes of Medieval church bells laden with eerie metallic sampling the band was known for.

”Yeah, Kyle wears Apple Inu at all his concerts. You saw Regalia at Porcelain Doll’s last concert?”

Shawn raced over to the bookshelves and pulled a black sleeve from a middle shelf walking over to the TV and turning down the sound. He walked to the cluttered dresser at the back of the room stacked high with multi-region DVD Blue Ray player, laser disk and record player, old style VCR.

Shawn pulled a black vinyl record with a crimson butterfly and white skull design from one sleeve and a black laser disk with a grey bat with outstretched wings splattered in blood from the other sleeve. He loaded the disk in the player as the menu came up with title ‘Porcelain Doll EP - Morpheus: Berlin Live.’

“Last Porcelain Doll concert I went to Kyle brought Regalia on stage. Definite, your guy in the picture.“

“I mean, Regalia gave me the kilt for free. Why do that?”

“Paying Shiro back, maybe? You know….” Shawn grabbed his crotch thrusting his hips out with a wink ad a nod, wicked smirk painting over his face.

Raising an eyebrow, Noiz blinked. “Really, you think?”

Shawn pointed to the picture with Regalia nodding.

“Look at this picture with Regalia and Katsuhiro flanking. I bet they both slept with Shiro. That snap captured Regalia and Katsuhiro fighting over Shiro.”

Noiz studied the picture catching on finally. “But Shiro’s face….”

“You saw it too. Seems the story in Shiro’s Fissure, the Tracker…. Shiro played Regalia against Katsuhiro. I’d bet, Regalia slept with Shiro under Katsuhiro’s nose right before they took that picture.”

Noiz took both pictures throwing himself in the chair at the drafting table resting his head on the table. “You think this kilt is coincidence?”

“You already know the answer.”

Noiz sat up setting the photos to the side picking up the G-pen and pulled the half finished manga page over as he unscrewed the cap of the ink and dipped the pen in ink.

“Where’d you get that picture of Regalia and Katsuhiro?”

“On vacation with Shiro in Scarsdale. Caught him sneaking out.”

Shawn wiped off his pen. “Was probably sleeping with Regalia... Kilt was a guilt gift….”

“Of course…” Noiz drifted off, dab of ink bulging at the tip of his pen.

“Hey…” Shawn jumped out of his chair racing over.

Noiz jerked, ink drop splattering obnoxious in a black glob ruining the page.

“Bollocks, don’t want to draw this whole page again…”

Shawn snatched up the page. “Give it. Check on Shiro. Get him back for cheating with Regalia. Get in a good shag, gives me time to fix this while your gone. You’ll be over your art block in no time.”

Noiz gabbed his jacket by the door. “Great idea.”

Year old raving otaku and anime fanatic, Noiz a indie manga artist, fresh out of art school with a two year degree. Crator of his original SF manga, Disaster Code, he is eager to show off his first finsihed volume at New York Comic Convention.

Discouraged when no one stops by his table, he is intrigued when famous former manga artist, Shiro Ijima, author of the bestselling SF Fissure novels is showcasing his latest book at the con. When Noiz notices Shiro at his table and compliments his art, a chain of events that leds Shiro’s agent Keita to inquire if Noiz is available to work on Shiro’s new property.

Keita asks Noiz to illustrate Shiro’s new Fissure manga and the game of cat and mouse as Shiro leads Noiz on flirting with him in a seductive and manipulated game starts roping Noiz in hard. its all about the contract, but Shiro has other things in mind?

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An award-nominated writer and manga artist with a BA degree in English, a minor in Japanese, an art degree in animation, and an MBA in International Management, certificate in Social Engineering and multiple awards for articles on Net Neutrality, Privacy,, LGBT Youth Homelessness, Cybersecurity and Cyberbullying, Natsuya is writing his dream of showcasing fictional minority characters in positions of power.

Of Multi-cultural Mixed heritage,, he sees life through the lens of challenge, marginalization, personal power and systemic marginalization of QPoC minority voices that are often silenced and invisible in mainstream literature, film, and comics. Focused on bringing stories of empowerment, truth, triumph and hope against insurmountable odds, Natsuya uses fiction, fantasy, and yaoi to spread his positive message encouraging young people to live their truth and dare to be their genuine selves. His stories, lauded for bringing visibility featuring Queer People of Colour, showcase the power of a multicultural viewpoint and the power of daring to pen diverse, real world fiction fostering the complex aesthetic of #OwnVoices realness, beauty, and truth

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