Updated: Jun 10, 2020

As you might know, or not, Once & Books is running a giveaway for the month.

A $25 giftcard (originally this was amazon, but I’ll also transfer via paypal if that works better or you are outside of the USA)

The sign-up link

A reminder this giveaway can have multiple entries, every post you can enter again.

I am now adding a $10 giveaway for joining my facebook group.

I created a group as I don’t like pages, they never seen to get the traction unless we spend money and honestly even if I had the money to spend I doubt my content would even be approved. This was the only other way I could see if helping on facebook and I’d love you all to come and join. I’ll even try and organise some group giveaways later in the year.

I also have some other social sites to follow me if you want to

facebook group