Again, we are organising a book fair, this time for the upcoming Holiday Season.

Running Date is from the 14th to 16th of December

We want to celebrate books. Full stop.

You have a book that fits the season we want to help you promote it.

You have a book sitting on your backlist you’d like to bump it back up into peoples view we’d like to help there too.

Paranormal, contemporary, mystery, historical, anything and everything.

Cute and cuddly, dark and atmospheric, honestly you have a book for sale we’d be more then happy to help you promote it.

We’d appreciate it your book was on sale, but it isn’t necessary to be apart of the fun. It’s just that it’s the holiday season, the year hasn’t been all that great and sometimes it’s nice to give people a reason to smile and read. Because there’s no better time to give someone something to smile about then right now.

it's real simple, follow the link and it'll take you to the form you need to fill out. and we'll do the rest.


if you want learn more please head towards the book fair page

thank you for you time, and you interest