An Opportunity for Authors via a Book Fair

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Once & Books is organising an October book fair.

We are looking for titles that people would want to read during the Halloween season.

This could include Halloween themed stories, dark and taboo, mysteries, or thrillers or just atmospheric/paranormal – honestly, anything paranormal would work.

We are positive you have at least one book in your backlist that would fit into our Haunted Village. You don’t have to have all the points. Just one will do. Even if that 1 is light paranormal or atmospheric contemporary (as long as it’s a autumn season). People like to read things that fit the Halloween season and a lot of us don’t like to be scared so bring on anything.

Or scare us, please

It’s a cheap and simple way to get a reader to see your book though the month of October. Authors of other book fairs have also seen a boost in sales though their event. So, come and join us

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