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Circle Trilogy, 1

The Marjar attack on Mycea sets in motion a series of changes in the ruling structure of the empire that will forever impact the lives of three powerful men. King Meshia, supreme ruler of the empire, Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical battalion, and Sebastian's Cardinian lover, a gifted healer beyond any that have come before him.

King Meshia has a secret, one that might lose him his crown. One that would certainly diminish his capacity to rule and lead the empire's forces into battle. One night of unbridled passion, one weakness, one longing that could bring the monarchy to its knees.

Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical Battalion knows that love comes in many forms. He lives it, he breathes it. He is unapologetic. The military and his home in the Entertainment District in the Neter Colony on Mycea suit every aspect of his life.

Leo of Cardin, a conjuring Cardinian, an anomaly of nature. Skilled in his craft. A force to be reckoned with in his own right. His relationship with Sebastian does not define every aspect of his life. He too has a secret, his family heritage placing him in a position of incredible power.

Their world in turmoil, they will be called upon to embrace the love in their lives and abandon their long-held prejudices against one another in order to preserve the survival of their people.

Release Date: Tuesday, March 23 2021

Publisher: Steambath Press

Length: 90,450

Genres: gay romance, gay fantasy, fantasy, fantasy romance, gay fantasy romance

Pairings: Primarily M/M but two scenes of M/F

LGBTQ+ Identities: bisexual, gay, bi-gender

Tropes: afraid to commit, best friends/ friends first, clueless love, first love, forbidden love, long-term lovers, unrequited love, royalty, passionate lovers, overly shy love, love at first sight

Keywords/Categories: gay love stories, gay romance stories, gay love sex, gay fantasy stories, gay fiction and literature, gay fantasy romance, LGBT fantasy romance stories, bisexual, gay, bi-gender, gay romance, gay fantasy, fantasy, fantasy romance, gay fantasy romance, mm romance, gay romance, mm, gay


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This book was originally published in 2012 under the title "Age of Mycea." This second edition has been re-edited and significantly expanded.

Guest post

My Inspiration for Writing About These Characters Lives

This might seem a bit odd, but Sebastian and Meshia were my childhood imaginary friends. When I was four my younger brother died; drowned. He was only eighteen months old and wandered off during a camping trip. It took days to find his little body downstream.

Upon returning home, Meshia appeared to me. Sebastian a few days later. I was not coping well. My brother had just disappeared. My parents wiped all existence of him away; his room stripped clean the next morning. Counselling for children was not a thing back in the 70s.

We didn't even go to his funeral. The city buried him.

It was their way of coping, but I needed someone to talk to.

Meshia and Sebastian were there for me. As much as they could be for being imaginary. But they helped me through a difficult time. Soothing my tears. Listening to me. Helping me reason things out.

As the years passed, they did not disappear. They saw me through it all. The teen angst, depression, and realizing I was different than other kids.

As an adult, I know I am autistic, bigender, and queer. But as a kid, I was just awkward and weird. And bullied relentlessly. Once, I passed a note to a girl in class in grade seven who I liked. That earned me a beating with metal-edged rulers. I had to change into my gym shirt and toss my bloody one.

Being able to access my inner voice of reason through Meshia and Sebastian was crucial to my survival. Imaginary or not, they saved my life on many an occasion. I owe them everything.

They asked me to tell their story.

So, that is what I've done.

Just a note: The reason Sebastian showed up a couple of days after Meshia is because Meshia was being an insensitive ass. Yes, that person exists in me somewhere. I blame the autism. Sebastian, on the other hand, is kind, intelligent, and caring. I guess that person is in there as well.

And yes, I have always known they were attracted to each other—that they had history. Who knows, maybe they actually exist somewhere out there.

Non-Exclusive Excerpt

They were all going to die. As soon as the morning sun rose over the tundra, their few remaining troops would be wiped out. They were surrounded. Permitted one final night.

Sebastian trudged through the offering of fresh snow, his chest tightening, his breath billowing clouds of mist before his eyes. The snow’s arrival had warmed the frigid air somewhat.

His men were suffering.

Early spring on Kronos was not for the weak-hearted. Any season would test the hardiest of those who found themselves there. The third planet from Mycea had five seasons ranging from sweltering heat to bone-chilling drops in temperature few could survive. The five seasons coinciding with the animals and fauna that could be hunted and gathered during those times.

Fortunately, spring had brought them an abundance of game to feed themselves. Early spring had not been as kind. They had lost dozens of men to hypothermia and starvation.

With one of Kronos’ moons reflecting off the fresh snow, it was light enough to see, but the Marjar would bide their time until morning. They had been trying to take control of Kronos for months. What was one more night? Sebastian looked out over the undulating, treeless hills of white. The ore-rich mining planet was desolate but had a haunting beauty to it.

Perhaps death would be as peaceful.

Sebastian nodded to the guards, their sheathed swords likely chipped and grubby with blood. They would not be granted a reprieve to tend to them tonight.

The king deserved one last night of peace.

The flap of the canvas tent was stiff from the cold but folded back enough to allow Sebastian access. It fell into place behind him, containing what little heat was being offered by the oil lamps scattered about the interior.

He had been summoned here tonight.

His heart thundered heavy and rapid in his chest at the reason why.

It all started the day he stepped off a warship at the Neter colony, the heart of the empire, eight years ago. The respect—the mutual admiration. The stern face that had simply cocked one eyebrow upon seeing Sebastian for the first time.

Blood, glory, and conquest; eight years of battles had been fought by his side.

He was not there to talk.

Sebastian stepped forward into the tent and bowed deeply to the man watching him. "Your Majesty, you summoned me."

"This is the end for us, I fear." The king shifted in his seat and motioned to the chair across from him. As always, there was kindness in his brilliant green eyes, a kindness that rarely reached the other features of his face. Firm jaw jutted, his lips were drawn tight, his breathing steady.

"Have we no options?" Sebastian settled into the seat across from his king, accepting the cup of wine offered him.

"You know we don’t." The king rose to his feet, circled around to Sebastian’s side of the table, and laid his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder. "That’s not why you’re here."

Sebastian placed his hand atop the king’s. "I know."

The king leaned down and kissed the side of Sebastian’s neck, his warm breath drifting seductively across Sebastian’s skin. It made its way to his lips. Sebastian breathed it in.

"Tonight, I need to know what I’ve denied myself of for so long."

Sebastian wrapped his hand around the back of the king’s neck, drawing him closer, the king’s short-cropped, blond hair bristling against his palm.

"Meshia …" A simple whisper of desire. The fires that had been burning for years between them would be quenched this night.

And tomorrow, they would die.


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The author

Leigh Jarrett is an unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate author of LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction, her books embracing the full spectrum of the rainbow. Her published contemporary works include gritty and angst-filled romances featuring Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Lesbian characters. And her fantasy series, "Drakkar Coven", which is brimming with lust driven vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters.

Having been bullied as a child for being "different," writing, and publishing LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction has given Leigh an opportunity to express her uniqueness, inspired by the LGBTQ+ community she calls home, her books highlighting their struggles, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights … to love and be loved.

In her hometown of Victoria, BC, in Canada, Leigh can be found nestled up with her fabulously supportive wife and her trusty laptop, or enjoying the wonderous outdoors that is Vancouver Island.

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