coming in 2021

two authors.

Just talk.

 about writing.

the journey it took to get here

the market we are writing in

but mostly it's just chatting

come join us for all the fun

(we might sometimes sound like an old married couple)

interviewer welcome

please, we'd really like to chat with you.

we are just a podcast, we don't plan on putting it up on youtube and even if we did it won't be our faces

however we'd prefer to interview you via skype (I'm hear with my eyes as well as ears)

we'd love to hear what you all have to say so please consider it

Promotional/Sponsor Ad opportunity

we have a short ad at the beginning of our podcast.

cost $10USD

need to write out a quick ad, either about you as an author or book you want to promote

required to send a sound bite of how to pronounce your name as we don't want to get it wrong