winter funk

Once & Books is organising a book fair

RUNNING DATE: 25 - 30/January 2021

we are looking for you books. any and every type. we want whatever you want to more people to see

If you could have it on sale throughout the Book Fair, we’d appreciate it, but it’s not mandatory, we just think it’ll get you more sales.

Here's what it must have:  some form of LGBTQIA+ representation in the main character(s), or very active invested in the story, side character

$10 USD per title (please fill out a new form for each title you would like in the fair).
Invoice will be sent via Paypal
Invoice must be paid by 20/Jan/2021

Thank you for your interest

Definition of Bookfair by Merriam-Webster
1 : a display or exhibit of books typically by a group of publishers or bookdealers for promoting sales and stimulating interest. 2 : a fair or bazaar at which books are sold or auctioned to raise money for some worthy cause.

Once & Books Apologies for the cancelation of the book fair aspect of this website

real life has become to much for us to be able to give 100% to this event

hopefully in the future we'll be able to come back and open this aspect back up

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frequently asked questions


A virtual book fair is a website or page that is dedicated to showcasing your title so readers can buy them. it’s like a physical book fair but online. It’s a great way to get your backlist bumped as well as see a spike in buys across all titles..


The standard is a page on the website that will have your book on it with all it’s information that you provide. In an event we have a good number of signups there will be additional pages created and your title will be categorised to be easily found (this means your title will be on two pages).


It takes a lot of work to organise and to create a page for book fairs, it’s why they don’t happen so often even if it’s something we’d like to do frequently. It can take hours if not days to upload all the books in a way that’s easy to navigate.


We mainly promote it via social media, in groups, on twitter and Instagram, several times throughout the book fairs run.

We also have organised to have an ad running in the LGBT Romance Deals newsletter.

We ask that the authors participating to promote in your own author groups and/or newsletter however that’s up to the author to do that.


We are a growing website. We have only been around for 6 months and currently see about 400 visits to our site per day. We have a growing newsletter/subscription, we have 50 right now, in which gets notifications of the event via a blog post


If you have a question we haven’t covered, please get in touch with us. We’d like to hear from you.

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