Owen Lipke is looking for adventure. When he hears about a ranch in the Muskokas catering to kinky men who don’t want to settle for backroom amateurs, he signs up in a second.

The Braided Crop Ranch

At the Braided Crop Ranch, Owen finds what he’s looking for: A sex-positive space with safety protocols and Doms (trainers) who know their business. And a stable full of well-behaved ponyboys to prove it.

Owen thinks his trainer, Kamal, is hot as hell but finds being a ponyboy isn’t as intuitive as he expected. As he struggles to learn the basics of equine pet play under the firm hand of his trainer, he finds himself falling for the experienced older man.

And perhaps Kamal is developing a thing for the young, adventurous newcomer. But there are rules about fraternizing with staff at the ranch. And Owen wonders if it’s wise to fall in love with the pragmatic trainer who unravels him layer by layer to expose his deepest needs and most secret proclivities.

But perhaps wisdom is overrated. And maybe the rewards of adventure are only achieved when you abandon caution and take a huge leap of faith.

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male, Male/Male Menage

Length: 71200

Genre: Contemporary BDSM, LGBTQIA+, BDSM, pony play, puppy play, cowboys, entertainment, sex toys, menage, rewards, punishments, insta-love, voyeurism

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Shadows and dim lighting made the inside of the club appear deceptively edgy. The Stocks boasted a selection of the most overrated brews and clientele in the city, in my opinion. But this particular club was one of the few places I could go to try to find the kind of man I was looking for.

“Hey, Lipke, what are you doing here again?” Sandro smiled, clapping a hand on my shoulder and taking the stool next to me. “I thought you had the real deal? You know, a nice cozy apartment with your man.”

“We broke up,” I said, staring at the bar and trying not to let the fact I didn’t feel much disappointment about the end of my relationship bother me.

“Ah, shit, that’s too bad,” Sandro replied, but I saw a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes as he motioned to the bartender. “Hey, a drink for my buddy here, Paulo.” He turned back. “What are you having, Owen?”

I shook my head and tossed the dark hair out of my eyes. It was getting way too long in front. I’d been meaning to get it cut, but I was so unmotivated to do anything these days. “Thanks, but I’m hoping for some action tonight.”

I never trolled for Doms with alcohol in my system. I’d learned that lesson a long time ago.

“How about a Coke, then?”

“Okay, sure. Thanks.”

He was trying to butter me up because he wanted to hook up. He’d tried with me before, but I had been in a relationship that didn’t allow for “extras” so I’d had an excuse to turn him down.

“A Coke for Owen, please. And a ginger ale for me,” he said, throwing a tenner on the bar.

“Thanks,” I said again, looking Sandro over and wondering if he could give me what I wanted.

He wasn’t a bad-looking guy; a little heavier in the gut, but it worked for him. He had a decent “Daddy” vibe going on and appeared to be pushing forty. Maybe he had the experience to give me something…more. Something solid and demanding and ruthless.

The Stocks was an underground fetish bar, where I’d come innumerable times to find the type of hook-up I was after. But anyone I’d ever gone home or played downstairs with, had disappointed. It wasn’t operating on the down-low. The club was literally underground, which made it even darker and dingier inside than most places—almost claustrophobic.

Everyone played games. That was often the point with fetish and BDSM, and a lot of guys were perfectly happy with that. But I was tired and bored with it all.

I’d had a connection with Simon, my ex, but even he couldn’t give me what I wanted in the end. I couldn’t define that particular desire but I knew I hadn’t fulfilled it—ever.

At night I’d dream about a Master who took total control, put me in my place easily and perfunctorily, without a thought to my comfort, yet took care of my needs like they were his own. This mystery man became a shadowy, elusive presence in my waking world. I’d never encountered an actual human being who could measure up to the Dom in my dreams. Maybe no one ever would.

Maybe I should make the most of what I could get, here and now.

Sandro handed me the Coke and winked. “So, you’re a free agent tonight,” he said.

I grinned. “Yep. Trolling for Doms.”

He laughed, looked away, and then back. “Wanna come home with me? We could have some fun.”

I picked up my glass and sipped the cold, sugary-sweet syrup, considering his offer. “You live close?”

Sandro nodded. “Down the street. Walking distance. You can leave your car here, and pick it up later, or in the morning if you decide to stay over.”

It was thoughtful of him to offer me the whole night. Such an invitation was rare in this environment, where most people simply wanted a quick fuck or a fun kink session and didn’t give a shit what you did with yourself after.

“Yeah, okay.”


I found his excitement flattering, if misplaced. I didn’t feel like anything special these days, but I was up for a quick screw.

“Sure. But let’s enjoy our drinks first. We’ve got all night.”

Sandro had fair-to-good conversation skills. He was intelligent, perceptive, and witty. I warmed to my decision over the time it took to finish our drinks. Maybe the evening wouldn’t be a washout after all.

Sandro sighed. “I wish there were more kink places in this city. I mean, this place is fine but it gets boring after a while.”

I agreed with his observation completely. There were several options across the river from Ottawa in Quebec that offered more hard-core entertainment, but in terms of convenience, this place was closest. And even when I had ventured as far as Gatineau or Montreal, I’d been largely disappointed.

“I hear Toronto is the place to be for this kind of scene,” I said. “Maybe I should move to the Big Smoke.”

“Maybe. I thought about it a couple of times. But my family is here, and my job.”

“I don’t know if I could sacrifice the green space,” I said.

The easy access to nature was one of the things I loved about Ottawa. There were a multitude of parks and treed spaces; bike paths, beaches, and water everywhere. And the Gatineau hills were right across the Ottawa River. I enjoyed hiking and camping more than almost anything else. Spending regular time in nature was essential to my being. I doubted I’d be happy in a concrete city like Toronto.

Then again, was I happy here?

“I heard about this place in the Muskokas,” Sandro was saying. “It’s a ranch, but not the kind of ranch you’d expect in that touristy area.”

“Huh?” I asked. A ranch? I had absolutely no interest in horses.

Sandro nodded. “It’s set up like a real ranch, but instead of horses, they get men to dress like ponies.”

If I had been a pony, my ears would have swung toward him. “What? No way.” Something in me thrilled to the thought of it.

He laughed. “Yeah, they put them in harnesses and bridles and make them do stuff. It’s all set up to make the experience as realistic as possible. At least that’s what I heard.”

I pretended not to be as interested as I was. “Hmm. Weird.”

“Yeah, well, I guess some guys get off on that stuff. Not me. I’m happy with the regular kink experience myself, although it would be nice to have a few more bars to go to.”

Men in harnesses and wearing bridles? A ranch for pony fetishists? Why hadn’t I heard about this before? My balls ached at the thought of it. I’d never explored animal role-play, but the thought of being a pony at a fetish ranch rang every one of my bells. Maybe a fetish ranch was the kind of immersive experience I needed. Sure, it was still a game, but maybe they did it so well you forgot it was a game and became fully invested in submission and objectification.

I drained the rest of my glass. “Ready to go?”

Sandro beamed as his gaze raked over me. “Absolutely.”


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the Author

AE Lister/Elizabeth Lister is a Canadian non-binary author with a vivid imagination and a head full of unique and interesting characters. They have published many other books, one of which (Beyond the Edge) received an Honorable Mention from the National Leather Association–International for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing.

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Maine Men Series, 1

It’s been twenty years since Joel was with a man, and he doesn’t want to screw this up. Especially with Finn.

A secret desire By day, Finn builds houses on the coastline of Maine. Afterhours, Finn dreams of the hot older guy who walks his chocolate lab on Goose Rocks Beach. The man of his dreams ticks all his boxes. Salt and pepper hair. Strong jawline. Blue eyes. His dream man is perfect fantasy material. As for actually speaking to him? As if. Their paths won’t ever cross, and the guy is probably straight.

A new chapter Recently divorced Joel is finally living as a gay man, but he’s not sure he’s ready to jump into a relationship. That doesn’t stop him from noticing his new contractor’s muscular build, hewn from hard, physical work, or his storm-colored eyes. Or the way he wears his tool belt slung low on his hips. The icing on the cake? There’s more to Finn than good looks. Maybe he’s the perfect guy to share long walks on the beach and warm nights in front of a fire. But it’s been twenty years since Joel was with a man. While he’s not forgotten how to flirt, he’s nervous about making a move. Especially with Finn.

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He drove down Dyke Road and turned left onto Kings Highway, heading for the spot where he’d parked the truck earlier. It was still empty. As he switched off the engine, he caught sight of a familiar figure crossing the road in front of him, and a familiar dog pulling him along.

Finn’s fantasy guy, closer than he’d ever been.

Say something. Be friendly. It didn’t matter that the logical part of his brain was screaming but he’s straight. Then all such thoughts fled his mind as the dog lurched forward sharply, pulling the leash from Fantasy Guy’s hand. The dog charged up the beach, heading for the two retrievers playing with their owner at the far end.

“Bramble!” The lab’s owner went running after it. “Bramble, get back here.”

Finn dove out of the truck and hurried after him. “Don’t run after him. Stop. Stop.”

Fantasy Guy turned to stare at him with obvious incredulity. “But he’s running away.”

Finn nodded. “And if you chase him, he’ll think it’s a game. Lie down on the sand.”

The guy widened his eyes. “Excuse me?”

“Lie on the sand, face down. Trust me. He’ll think you’re hurt, and he’ll come back to investigate.”

Fantasy Guy stared at the far end of the beach where his dog showed no signs of returning, and was barking at the two retrievers. “Fine,” he muttered. He lowered himself to his knees, then lay on the sand, his head resting on his arms.

Within seconds, the lab had noticed, and came racing back. He sniffed at him, nudging Fantasy Guy’s arm with his nose. Finn took advantage of the dog’s focus, and walked around to grab his collar. His owner knelt up and did the same, their hands meeting at the dog’s neck.

The owner grabbed the end of the leash. “Okay, I’ve got him.” Then he got to his feet and brushed the sand from his jeans and coat. He gave Finn a grateful glance. “Thank you. I wouldn’t have thought of that. You’re obviously used to dogs.”

“We always had dogs when I was growing up.” Finn nodded toward the dog. “He’s usually better behaved than this.” When the owner blinked, Finn gave a sheepish smile. “You walk him by my house. I live on Wildwood.”

Fantasy Guy gave him a speculative glance. “Weren’t you the one who waved to me the other day? From up there?” He pointed to the hotel.

Shit. Busted. “Oh. Yeah. That was me.”

From behind him came Max’s loud bellow. “Finn. Are you making the nails yourself?”

The dog’s owner smiled. “So you’re Finn. Thanks again, Finn. And this is Bramble.”

Finn couldn’t resist. “Does Bramble’s owner have a name?”

He laughed. “Oops. I’m Joel.” When another cry erupted, calling for Finn, Joel grinned. “Obviously a guy in demand. Well, next time you see me, wave. I’ll know who it is.” He held out his hand, and Finn shook it. Joel had a firm grip. “And now I’ll get back to walking Bramble, but this time, I’ll keep a tighter hold on the leash.” His eyes sparkled with humor.

Damn, he was sexy as fuck.

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the Author

K.C. Wells lives on an island off the south coast of the UK, surrounded by natural beauty. She writes about men who love men, and can’t even contemplate a life that doesn’t include writing.

The rainbow rose tattoo on her back with the words 'Love is Love' and 'Love Wins' is her way of hoisting a flag. She plans to be writing about men in love - be it sweet or slow, hot or kinky - for a long while to come.

Connect with K.C.: If you want to follow her exploits, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter: Got a favourite trope? Then check out this page:

You can stalk – er, find – her in the following places: ALL my links: Email: Facebook: KC’s men In Love (my readers group): Amazon: Twitter: @K_C_Wells Website: Instagram: BookBub: Pinterest:

Will Robin ever find the love he’s been denied his entire life?

Birds of a Feather, 1

Coming from wealth but neglected emotionally, Robin Pavasaris flies to Connecticut, in search of what he’d missed all his life. The love of a parent.

What he got, however, was a wicked stepmother that would rival those in fairy tales and a father succumbed to guilt, silent as he watches his son hurt by another mother figure. Filip Pavasaris is helpless to act. In fact, Robin fears he’ll have no ally in the huge, cold manor.

That’s until his half-brother, Alex, comes home from graduate school. The first time they see one another, it was like Robin had found every dream he hadn’t known he had. Then, he learns their relation and his heart is sore once again.

It doesn’t matter, however, as Alex takes Robin under his wing, teaching him how to survive in the home. The more time they spend together, the more Robin fears he’s falling for his own brother. On top of that, he can never let anyone at Dove’s Landing know he’s gay. Their religion wouldn’t allow a gay son, and he’d lose the millions his mother coveted from his trust fund.

A confession and a kiss breaks everything apart, and Robin runs for his life, and from his heartbreak.

This is an ongoing series, with temporary resolutions at the end of each, along with a few cliffhangers.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: dubcon/noncon, drug use, and more! Please read the warning inside the book.

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Rain Carrington

Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope/s: Forbidden love

Themes: Poor little rich boy falls in love with his “brother”

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 70 000 words

Book 2 pre-order will be available on release day.

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I’m Rain, author of nearly thirty published books and around a hundred not there yet, haha. I’m a mother of three, also of three kitties and three puppies, and I live in the glorious state of Colorado, where many of my books are set.

I love to write flawed, gritty characters that have lots of room for growth and self-discovery. In their love lives, I never want it to go easily. I may start a love early on, as I feel many loves start in reality, but that’s when it gets hard and interesting. I want the love to grow along with the characters, and how they handle the bumps along the way defines each one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and my books, if you have read them, and if you haven’t, give ‘em a try!

What/who inspired you to start writing? I found my love of reading early, so many authors inspired me. Just about all of them, because anyone that could take me away to those places and introduce me to those people in the books, making them an actual part of my life, it felt absolutely magical to me.

Tell us about your new release. What inspired you to write it? Speaking of inspiring authors, an author I read in my younger days was V.C. Andrews. Her early novels sucked me in and I found myself biting my nails while reading about these poor girls who’s lives were never easy or blessed, and they struggled through so much to get a little slice of happiness. I watched Flowers in the Attic a few months ago and thought, hey, what about a story with a gay man in that sort of abused/neglected role, and how would his life be? Robin came to my mind and held on until I started writing his story, and as it pours out of me, I find myself waiting as anxiously to see if he ever gets his happily ever after like I did all those girls called Heaven, Ruby and Carrie.

How did you decide on the title? Like most of V.C. Andrews books, she started with the first book title using the main character’s name. A theme ran the titles, such as Heaven, Gates of Paradise, and so on, Flowers in the Attic, If There Be Thorns, etc. For mine, it’s Robin, Gilded Cage, Spreading Wings and Taking Flight, so bird themed haha.

What are you working on at present? Would you like to share a snippet? I just finished the first draft of book two of Birds of a Feather, called Gilded Cage. The thing is, if I give you a snip of that one, it’ll give too much away from the first book haha! So, how about a snippet of Robin?


Robin followed him to the other side of the partial wall and once they got around a huge pile of stones, he gasped as he saw the sight before him.

Between the smaller stones was a rosebush. It seemed to have been crushed by the crumbling wall, but had grown through it, and not only the cracks. Robin knelt close to look in every angle he could and saw that one branch of the plant had grown right through the center of a solid piece of the biggest stone.

Alex squatted next to him and jerked his head to it. “Whenever things get too hard, or I think they’re too hard, I come here and look at that. I found it when I was small, and every year, that branch out of all of them comes back, and the flowers that grow from this one are the most beautiful of the bush.”

To see it, it didn’t seem real, but it was. The branch came right up through the rock.

“See, Robin, if I did believe in God, this would be where I’d worship. This building? The one those rich people built to go to each Sunday and show off their new hats, the wind and the sea showed them the true power and blew it away into the night. This? This is power like that; how one fragile little stalk can push through a solid stone so it could fight to get to the sun. This would be my church.”

Robin had never heard anything so poetic and true. He turned his head to see Alex’s eyes, taking in the branch, and then, he turned his head to Robin. Their faces were so close, Robin could feel his warm breath on his lips. Alex’s eyes were looking into his, and the world around them stopped.

There was no longer a breeze, no sound of the baby birds in the nest above them. His heart was pounding, but he couldn’t hear it, only feel his body shaking with each beat.

Alex licked his lips as his eyes lowered, and then, like he realized what was so close to happening, he turned his head away.

“Um…maybe we should conclude the drawing tomorrow.”


What was the hardest part of writing your book? Trying to get inside the head of the very rich, from all angles, the good and the bad people. I’ve never been rich, so I can mostly only guess at it, but there is a little of everything, from the poor little rich boy in the main role, to the evil rich stepmother.

Do you have any advice for other writers? Simply to keep at it. No matter how hard it seems or how long away that end looks, keep at it until you feel the ending falling into your lap and you get that joy that comes with it. It’s very much like giving birth, putting life into something and watching it grow.

Do you have any genres you prefer reading, and if so what are they? I am pretty eclectic with my reading, and I love a little of everything from political non-fiction, true crime, crime drama fiction, horror, thriller and suspense.

What book are you reading at the moment? My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix. My two daughters and I have a book club were we each pick a horror novel in turn.

Are any of your characters based on you or people you know? I think all of them are. We, as writers, take a piece of this person, a pinch of that one and cook up an entirely different person, molding them into exactly the one we need for that novel we’re writing at the time. Including ourselves. I’ve added phobias, preferences, my favorite poems and art pieces into books, as my characters’ favorites too.

Do you have a favourite character and/or book you've written? Who, what and why? Still my favorite book is Turquoise. The books follows a group of boys on a Jicarilla Apache reservation and two of the in particular. I loved writing friends falling in love. They were separated for years and to have them come back together, learning about each other all over again and realizing they were meant to be together, it’s never far from my mind when writing love stories.

Do you write often? Do you have a schedule? I work as a caregiver too, so when I can write depends on my other work schedule, and how tired I am at the end of it. I can write at work sometimes, so it helps, but whenever I can get to the keyboard is my current schedule.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Tell us about your pets. I love both, but I do have a special place in my heart for cats. I have three, and I actually have one dog, and the other two in the home are my grand-doggies. My cats are amazing, funny, have great personalities. Daisy is an old girl, lazy most of the time but loves pets. Sylvester is a tuxedo and he is just a lover. He loves cuddles and to be held and loved on constantly. Minnie is my baby, only a year old, and still very much the kitten. She’s funny, hyper and is coming into a time when she is starting to love pets and loves too, instead of just attacking us when we try! Haha! Then there’s my dog, Tank, and she got that name because she pretty much barrels through life. She’s funny, spoiled and talks all the time. Especially when she wants treats!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things (or people) would you want there with you? Oh, my naughty self would take Joe Manganiello, Mischa Collins and Charles Michael Davis. Oh, the times we’d have! Hahaha!!!


Robin Pavasaris was hurrying to the den near his room where Troy waited, ready to give him his lessons for the day and something else. Troy was tall and handsome, in a geeky way, but still, Robin thought he was perfect. Not to mention he loved the guy.

Their affair had started months previous, right around his eighteenth birthday. Troy and he had flirted for the last couple years of Troy’s employment as his tutor, but he told Robin he could do nothing about it, since Robin was underage. Once Robin hit that magic, invisible marker, they’d kissed, made love, and since then, the lessons had been cut short in favor of spending hours in bed instead.

When he got into the room, there he was, his boyfriend. Well, technically he wasn’t allowed to call Troy that. Officially, he was Robin’s tutor, but he could have his secret.

“Hey,” he purred.

“Shh. Close the door,” Troy chided. After Robin did just that, he rushed to the table in the middle of the room, the big glass and chrome desk pushed to the back of the room near the oversized windows and sat close to Troy.

After a fast kiss on Troy’s succulent lips, Robin whispered, “I missed you.”

Troy was light skinned and marked with a thousand freckles, and Robin was in love with every single one of them. “Stop horsing around, Robin. You have three finals coming up and if you fail, your mother will kill me. She has to show your grades to your father.”

“I know, but I concentrate so much better after we…you know.”

Robin was terribly shy, but with Troy, he felt he could let his hair down a little. Not that his actual hair could be let down, as short as it was, never growing over the tops of his ears, like his mother liked it. The sandy blond color came from his father, as Chelsea’s was strict black, but he did inherit her cat-green eyes.

“Not now,” Troy told him, impatient. “Work first, and if we have time…then we’ll fuck.”

“Don’t say it like that,” Robin pleaded, his romantic sensibilities unable to see anything they were doing as less than the purest form of adoration.

“Fine. We can make love. Get that book open. I already have your assignments lined out from the website.”

After a long sigh of disappointment, Robin set his mind to task, wanting to do what he had to, to make Troy happy.

He didn’t care much if his grades suffered. He’d always been a straight-A student, so if his grades flagged some, it wouldn’t hurt him much. He’d been accepted into a top college, several, in fact, all far from home so he’d never have to visit if he didn’t want to.

The pages of the book were a blur as he read fast, taking in at least most of the information. He studied in his room at night, and thought he was likely ready for his finals, but he’d never disappoint Troy.

“Okay, finish up with that, study those last four pages, they’re big on the exam, then let’s get to trig.”

“Ugh. I hate trig. I have to think too much.”

He finally got laughter from Troy. “I used to say the same thing. It’ll all come in handy once you get to college.” He softened more and asked, “Are you excited? To go?”

“Yes. Very. I still hope you can come with me.”

“I live here, Robin. You need to go, start your life.”

Like every time he said things like that, Robin’s heart squeezed painfully, and he felt tears springing to his eyes, that he quickly blinked away. “You’re…you’re part of my life, Troy.”

“Right now, I am. Robin, I said we’ll talk about this stuff later. Okay?”

Time felt like it was ticking louder and louder in his head, his heart beating right along with it, faster and faster, until he felt like he couldn’t breathe. “It’s always later, Troy, and this is it! There is no more later! I’m going away after the summer and we’ll… we might never see each other again!”

Troy took his face into both hands and stopped Robin’s tirade with a kiss. At first, Robin tried to pull back from the kiss, but like always, Troy’s warmth, the most warmth he’d gotten from another human in his life, won over his pain. He let himself be kissed, tilting his head and letting his breathing finally slow.

When the kiss ended, Troy’s saliva drying on Robin’s lips, he was again lulled into a sense of love and need. “Let’s get back to work, and I promise, Robin, we’ll talk soon.”


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the Author

I love writing, it's been my dream for many years, and in October of 2013, when my first book went live on Amazon, that dream came true.

Writing love stories that are centered on flawed but lovable characters is my passion. Finding love between people isn't easy, nor should it be. Even in a book, there have to be obstacles for the story to feel real.

I am a mother of three amazing people, and three adorable fur babies. I live in Colorado but love many other places besides my home. One state in particular is New Mexico, the state where I was born has always held a place in my heart.

People and places make my stories what they are. Each character I've written is a part of me in some way. Each place I write is as well. Adventures come in many ways, and each of my stories has taken me on an adventure that I treasure.

Come with me on my adventures and fall in love with my characters, as I have. I promise, you will love the ride.

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