Christopher Street Liberation Day on June 28, 1970, marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots with the march, which was the first Gay Pride march in U.S. history, and covered 51 blocks to Central Park.

Let’s talk at what LGBTQIA+ means

L = Lesbian: females finding females attractive, only

G = Gay: Male’s finding Males attractive, only

B = Bisexual: 2, finding two genders attractive, originally this means finding both sexes sexually attractive, but some have made this to just mean multiple persons.

This also gives us Pansexual. Pan meaning many, though under this generally means finding a person sexually attractive, rather than gender

T = Transgender: a person born one gender but being the other

Q = Queer or Questioning: which is an overall queer identity or one questioning their identity or sexuality

I = Intersex: person born with both, in many different degrees, genders

A = Asexual: not having sexual desire

This is not to confuse for Ally, as an Ally is someone that stands WITH the community not IN the community.

+ = that there is more sexualities and genders under the umbrella. Genderfluid, nonbinary, demisexual, the demi/panromantic, greyace, demi-girl/boy ect.

Please shout out your sexuality or gender in the comments, let us know (if you’re comfortable, of course), especially if I’ve missed you.

Remember National Coming Out Day is an annual LGBT awareness day observed on October 11, to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people (and sometimes other groups typically grouped within the LGBT community) to "coming out of the closet"

But please remember you DO NOT have to come out if you aren’t comfortable with it. You are not obligated to come out at any point to anyone. People may and that’s up to them but coming out is a very personal moment in your life and it’s not to be rushed into. Also, please make sure you’re safe to do so. I know it’s hard. it’s a difficult road to walk at times, but in the end, what makes you happy is accepting yourself no matter who you are and what you do in life not how others feel or think or even how much other people know about you.


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Blooming Hearts, Book 1

A fast-paced, sexy romance in the woods that will make Smokey Bear come running.

Jax fled his small hometown eight years ago to make it big in LA. His music career took off and he hasn't been back to see his childhood best friend Emmett--his first, unrequited love--since. No man has lived up to that first love, though Jax has certainly tried.

When he finally gets a vacation, Jax decides to put his playboy ways behind him, surprise Emmett with a visit, and finally lay his feelings on the line. But Emmett has a few surprises up his sleeve, too--including one big secret. Emmett is a virgin.


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The second Jax placed his can in the cup holder, his phone started vibrating. His heart leapt a little, but when he flipped the phone over, he saw that it was just his manager, not his best friend Emmett calling to tease him with more mental imagery of the blow job he’d always dreamed of--not that Emmett knew that. Jax had kept that little fantasy very close to his chest throughout high school. Their small town wasn’t exactly the gay man’s safe haven and the jocks had a reputation for being extremely anti-queer. Jax hadn’t thought Emmett was anti-queer, but he was on the football team, and Jax knew if there was even a sniff of male on male activity that it would spread like wildfire through the school. Part of him still regretted not saying “Fuck it” and kissing his best friend when he’d had the chance. He’d come close once.

He swiped the screen to answer the phone and scooped it up. “Hey, Ron.” In his free hand, he picked up the remote for the TV and turned it on, quickly muting the volume and switching it over to the internet browser. He pinned the phone between his ear and his shoulder.

“Jax, hey. Just calling to tell you everything’s all arranged.”

“Uh, what’s that now?” Jax was already only half-listening to Ron, attempting to navigate the TV’s browser to at the same time.

“The R&R you asked for. The time off. We’ve got it all arranged. You’re going to be staying in a little cabin about a thirty minute drive outside of Camellia. The cabin is already reserved. Do you need me to send someone to stay with you? Sophia maybe?”

The double-meaning was thick in Ron’s tone, catching Jax’s full attention. “Ron, there was only one time that the paparazzi took pictures of me with her. And I told you, we didn’t actually do anything. It was all just coincidental. Uh, circumstantial. Whatever that word is. It just looked compromising. There’s no actual evidence that we hooked up because nothing happened.” He let his gaze travel across the screen, thumbnails of naked guys in all sorts of configurations, waiting for him to choose. “Besides, I’m going there to surprise my best friend, not to get laid.”

“Sure, sure, whatever you say. Listen, it’s none of my business, I’m just trying to keep you happy.” Ron cleared his throat. “The cabin is all yours in a little over a week.”

“This time off is all I need to stay happy. A couple of weeks of rest before the wolves start howling at my door again.” He spotted an image of a muscular man with short brown hair and a beard, frozen in mid-kiss with a guy with a lean, sculpted body, and clicked on it. Immediately, the video took up his full screen and started playing, the two men on a couch, wearing nothing but underwear and making out. His dick twitched and started to grow. “Listen, Ron, I gotta go. Something’s just come up and I need to take care of it. Thanks again. Bye.” He pressed the button to end the call without waiting for a confirmation from his manager and tossed the phone on the bed next to him again.


To celebrate the release of Lost in the Florist, we are giving 2 lucky winners the chance to win an e-copy of Lost in the Florist and an e-book of their choice from Riley Long's published backlist.



Riley Long is a wife and mother living a quiet life in Virginia, with her husband, son, and one goofy pit bull. She passes her evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television). For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs. She likes things with silly acronyms. The craziest thing Riley has ever done involves whipped cream and hugs. Riley writes sweet and sexy romance, with a special place in her heart for hipsters and musicians.

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Marie Cole is the author of the contemporary romance #JustFriends Series. Lost in the Florist is her very first boy/boy romance and she's super excited to be stepping into the m/m arena beside her writer bestie, Riley Long.

She is currently living in Virginia, is a self-professed Kwave addict, Karaoke Queen, and social binge drinker. When she's not writing she's taking photos of everything from her fluffy cat Dustpan to birds conversing on her porch. She loves to show them off on her Instagram account.

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Representation: cis-male, gay, questioning*,

Genre/troupes: contemporary, romance, action, suspense, disability, kidnapping child


It starts off with Brentley being discharged from the Navy when a building blows up with him inside. Now he’s at home trying to figure out what the fuck he’s meant to do. He suffers from headaches and his family hovering. When he goes out with his cousin’s he meets Reese. He’s not sure how he relates to the family, but he def does and wow he’s pretty but Reese is straight and Brentley isn’t gonna touch, no matter how much he sees interest in Reese’s eyes.

Reese is a friend of one of Brentley’s cousin and I think I’d know more about who he is in relation if this wasn’t the first book by the author I’ve read. however, it is and from what is in this book he’s the manager or something for Travis (who has his own POV in this story) and does some odd jobs for him. And he thinks Brentley is HOT even if he doesn’t understand why.

I really like that this book takes a moment to get the two MC’s to gain a friendship before we get into the bulk of the plot. They keep running into each other, which turns into a friendship a little closer than either of them have ever had before, and the chemistry and flirting is splattered through the whole first part of the story.

When Travis’ daughter is kidnapped things come to a head with them two. Reese is getting jealous of Brentley’s fuck buddy even as he tries to push it all away. it was nice. Hot when it was meant to be hot, fun when that was happening and intense and lightly emotional as it should be, not because a kid is missing, and they are trying to track her down, but also because we have a straight boy feeling lust for a gay man.

I enjoyed this enough, thought it was a fine set up to the series that’s going to be coming out of it, and honestly have book 2 on my tbr already.

Things that I know annoy some people:

There is on page sex with a person who isn’t the love interest.

There are more POV’s other then the two MC’s (though I believe this is common in authors work).

It is also very clearly apart of a share universe, making it read like it isn’t the first book a series, which it is. I’d say it’s a spin-off of a universe.

Rated: 4 stars

Kindle edition: 246 pages

ASIN: B085929C61


Mission: Without a Trace releases on the 23/June/2020


*this book was labelled “Gay-For-You” which I despise because it’s bisexual eraser and therefore will not use it. I will call it questioning as well as bisexual if that’s what they label themselves, some don’t as they will always be straight while loving a man (which kinda makes me cringe, but if that’s what the characters identifies themselves who am I do say otherwise).


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